Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday Sundries ~ Edition 5

My Sunday Sundries post is a little late.
I've been away playing with grandsons!
My photography focused on two things this week.

searching for light
"You'll miss the best if you keep your eyes shut."
~ Dr. Suess
(in honor of his birthday this month)


  1. There's a soothing old-fashioned nostalgia about the sepia toned set. And you found some very nice light in your search.

  2. Such a pretty toned sepia collage with such a nice variety of pieces. I like all the light in the bottom collage, especially in the frozen water puddle.

  3. Those are certainly two good things to focus on. Lovely both mosaics, Cathy. Have a great week!

  4. each one has its beauty, love the cracked ice reflection so much.

  5. Sepia gives the ultimate vintage feel to images, beautiful collage! In the second collage the light through the frozen "peek-a-boo" caught my eye... stunning shot.

  6. i love the thimble & the marbles - neat effects. ( :

  7. I missed your Sunday sundries! I try and stay free of the computer on the weekends as much as possible!
    I like your sepia images, especially the long shadows through the trees and that sweet little basket of spools!

  8. Ah, better late than never - and what a wonderful excuse - playing with the grandsons! Love your sepia series - your subjects are enhanced by this old-time look and feel. And searching for light - that's why we shoot, isn't it?

  9. cathy i love the way you show your 365 photos in a collage like this. it's a great 'week at a glance'! and what gorgeous photos they are. :)

  10. These are lovely, I particularly like the sepia tones!

  11. Each photo asks to be examined closely. I have a jar of my old marbles - they do catch the light. I bet you enjoyed your play time.

  12. Great collages. In the Sepia collage my favorite photo was the trees and their shadows.
    In the Searching for Light collage my favorite photo was the icy trees with the sun peeking through the branches.
    So happy you were enjoying time with your grandsons.


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