Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Finds & Random 5 Friday ~ March 14, 2014

I wish I knew more about trees, like how to identify them by their bark and leaves. I guess I could study dendrology which is the science and study of wooded plants, trees, and shrubs, but I rather think I don't have the time or the memory for this. Sure, I know an oak tree and a pine tree, but sometimes I run across a tree or parts of a tree that makes me curious.  Just what kind of tree is this from?  That happened to me yesterday. I found large pieces of bark that had fallen from a dead tree limb. On the inside it was the most  beautiful mustard color. I've never seen anything like it. No matter the tree it was a great find for Friday Finds!
Here's my random facts for Random 5 Fridays...
Fact  #1
Let's talk about the weather. Wait...don't run off!! So you're tired of talking about the cold, snow and ice?  Well, what if I tell you it's been in the 70's here with plenty of sunshine and nice breezes. As I sat outside eating lunch I noticed this shadow of my cheap plastic glass. The fact is...I'm going to the beach this summer with my family.
Fact  #2
All the sunshine and warmth has brought spring with it.
My Flowering Almond trees are blooming...
and so are my jonquils.
Fact  #3
My favorite place to be is by water. Did you know that Arkansas contains over 600,000 acres of lakes and 9,700 miles of streams and rivers?
Fact  #4
I long for a day of quietness. Quietness from our quicker, smarter, louder world! No matter where I go I'm greeted by man-made sounds.  Sometimes, I just want to be still and quiet, listen to my own breathing and the  sound of my heart beating. I'm afraid there's very few places on earth that this is possible!
Fact  #5
I need to buy one more inkwell, because things look better in odd numbers.  Flea I come!
I hope a little spring warmth and color is reaching you.
Maybe you can take a few minutes, find a quiet spot, and refresh.
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  1. Cathy, I'm trying hard not to be jealous. Smell the buds and flowers for me, will you? I also yearn for quiet and luckily, I only have to walk out my back door to find it. Your photos are fabulous - the inkwells form a lovely tableau.

  2. Hooray for going to the beach this summer! When and where? We're going in July, I'd rather to at the end of May. SC will be hot in July. I love your inkwells! Really. I want some. Guess I'll have to check the antique malls. I think I'm also going to look for more bottles. {Shhh. Don't tell my husband.} So happy to see you today, Cathy!

  3. I don't know much bout trees either, but know someone who does. Nancy Ross Hugo. Her books and love of trees are inspirational. My favorite is Seeing Trees.
    Love all of todays photos!

  4. You are having lovely weather and lovely blossoms. I am waiting for those things to happen here.

  5. I agree about the noise. After being in a LOUD classroom all day, I come home to my ears ringing, rebelling against it all. I find I can only quiet it with the calming sound of classical music.

  6. It felt like spring to visit your blog this morning. We will not talk about the weather in Nova Scotia. No, no, no. Yay to the beach trip. Agreed on the water, rivers are my solace. Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  7. I'm a bit jealous of your springtime weather! You glass made a fun shadow! I agree about all the noise - it's a big reason for our weekend escapes to the Green mountains. I feel as though I can actually breathe there, and my pulse seems to slow a bit. A beach vacation sounds great - I look forward to hearing about where you're going!

  8. Budding, but no blooming going on here yet Cathy. Patience! :)

  9. How lovely! Spring has sprung for us for not quite enough to have lunch the shadow of your glass, so pretty. Lovely blossom too. Have a lovely weekend. :)

  10. Oh, my yes - spring has definitely sprung in Arkansas! How lovely - you have given me a wonderful taste of the beauty of spring (which has yet to make its way to Ohio). Love your inkwells - and yes, you certainly need another one (or three) for your collection. Beautiful colors and shapes.

  11. I do love that water shot and the lovely flowers blooming round you right now. Love the shadow from the glass with all its patterns - it gives quite a summery feel. Great inkwells, that dark red one is very elegant. Have a great weekend.

  12. I think it is wonderful you know what a dendrology is, I wouldn't have even know how to pronounce it! Your facts are all wonderful Cathy and many I didn't know, love the shadow and the fact about the water in your state. You are really a wonderful fact person. Love the ink bottles.

  13. hi Cathy...Oh i just love seeing that spring is popping by you. Here in my little world we are still cold and icy ... but the weatherman promises warmer temps later this week ... i am holding him to it!! have a wonderful evening!!

  14. I love your logic about going to the flea market to get one more ink well! So wise, you are. A woman after my own heart.... :-)

  15. Sorry I missed this last week. It's a great post. I really liked the waterfall shot and the one with the criss crossing airplanes.


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