Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Finds & Random 5 Friday

There's a story behind my Friday Find this week. It goes like this:
  • Kim, who hosts this Friday Finds link up, showed a few of her lovely purchases from Anthropologie. You can read about them here.
  • Sarah from Paisley Rain Boots (yes, the same Sarah that writes the Coffee Shop Chronicles on her blog) posted a picture on her flickr stream of her favorite store and it was also Anthropologie.
  • Two good recommendations and I had to check them out. I decided to see how far it is to one of their stores. I was very sure it was too far for me to travel.
  • Surprise!! There's a store only ten miles away. Second's been there four years and I've never heard of it!
 The conclusion...I need to get out more!!
It was a fun store to wander around in.
I didn't buy anything, but there's a few things I'm thinking about.
Now on to my randomness!
Fact  #1
We had strawberry shortcake this week. The berries looked better than they tasted, but a little extra Cool Whip made them better!

Fact  #2
This shelf hangs in my Nostalgia Room, where I keep treasures from my past and other treasures I've collected. These dresses are mine. My mom made the one in the middle. It's made of sheer fabric with a sweet little under slip. If you look right above it on the shelf you can see a picture of me in the dress.

Fact  #3
I'd rather sleep under a quilt than a blanket. My mom made the lap quilt on the left and my grandmother made the full size one on the right.
Fact  #4
I don't watch horror movies. I prefer to have pleasant dreams not nightmares. My dislike of horror movies began in the 60"s when I watched Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds."  It's probably very tame compared to what is produced now, but it terrified this little girl. I still get creeped out when I see a large gathering of birds!
Fact  #5
Mr. H has always said "you get what you pay for."  That was very true today!  If you buy a burger off the dollar menu, you get a small, not so good, burger. If your pay more than you've ever paid for a burger, you better get the most delicious burger you've ever eaten...I DID!  It was a classic burger with Petit Jean bacon and avocado.  Out. Of. This. World. Yummy!
Shopping in a new place and having a delicious meal...I'd say I had a pretty good day!
Linking with Kim for Friday Finds and Nancy for Random 5 Friday.


  1. So fun, you are always so fun Cathy. Love that little dress so much and the way you have it displayed, so special. the trues are so true also money and have always said that. Love the quilts.

  2. good morning Cathy! Yes ... Anthropologie has to be one of my favorite stores too! But i was so sad that one day they suddenly closed the store by me ... so sad! Now the nearest one is over an hour away!!!
    Those quilts look so yummy ... I recently started quilting and love it ... the fabrics are just soooo delicious!! have a delightful weekend!

  3. LOVE your Friday Finds!! The idea of a nostalgia room is wonderful - Adore the sweet vintage Heirloom dresses, plus the photo of you! How fun you have Anthro just 10 miles from you! My first visit was pretty much walking around soaking it all in though I did buy one cup, but had the urge the minute I left that I must return. It's quite addictive. LOL

  4. My two favourites are definitely the shelf in your Nostalgia room. The dresses are so sweet, what a great souvenir. I also love the quilts. I'm very much a quilts person too, they just talk to us of love and care and home, don't they? Yours are just beautiful.

  5. I love your nostalgia room and those little dresses are so sweet. Even from my earliest childhood, my family moved around too much and lived in spaces too small for me to have anything left from those days. That's probably why I'm so attached to the few "treasures" I do have now. Your quilts are beautiful! I'm partial to sleeping under a down comforter, but I do love quilts, especially handmade ones. And...that burger looks delicious, even though it's only breakfast time.

  6. It sounds like a wonderful day to me!

  7. I am so jealous that your Anthro. store is only 10 miles away. Ours is 30 miles away and a 45 minute drive, so it is a treat when we get to go there, usually only when Mallory is home, which is a good thing after the load of money we dropped there this week. Stay tuned for pictures after the cruise of me in my purchases. Those dresses are divine and I love that there is a picture of you in the one.

  8. oh cathy i now i have a major hankering for a burger!! :) and don't even get me started on anthro...we have one about a mile from us. i love to go in there and look at all the cute knick knacks and smell all their beautiful candles. such a neat store full of cool, unusual stuff.

  9. How wonderful to have those little dresses that you wore as a child! Gosh, that burger looks yummy!

  10. Another fun post of your explorations and random facts. I love how your facts are helping me know you better. I like the idea of your nostalgia room - how very sweet are those tiny dresses. And that burger looks absolutely scrumptious! What a great day you had.

  11. You're so lucky to have that store so close!! I love those beautiful little dresses - such treasure!

  12. I've never shopped at or heard of Anthropologie stores before. I'll check to see if there are any in my area.
    Oh how cool is it that you have some of your childhood dresses, what a sweet memory.
    Quilts are nice, I've never though of using them instead of blankets.
    Most of the time the berries in the stores never do taste as good as they look. I live for our fresh, local berries.
    Awesome photo of those birds. I don't like horror movies either but the "Birds" never did scare me that much. Although I agree it is a bit "creepy" seeing a large gathering of birds like that.
    Wow that hamburger looked so big and so yummy.

  13. So much to love about this post! Those dresses are adorable, and I have some quilts that my grandmother made, well not quite quilts yet they still need quilting. Your are gorgeous. And, I think I just licked the screen - it's lunch time here and I haven't eaten yet! ;)

  14. Sweet dresses how lovely to still have them. I'm with you on horror films and so wish we had an Anthropolgie nearby there are only 4 in the whole of the UK and the nearest one is in London 250 miles away sigh....

  15. What an interesting post, Cathy! I love that you have a nostalgia room....those little dresses are so sweet, and you display them so beautifully. I agree with you about horror movies -- there is enough violence and horror in the world so I don't want to see any more. Glad you enjoyed your outing to Anthropologie. Happy weekend!

  16. that sounds like a wonderful day...we don't have anthropologie here so i've never been inside one. i love all your keepsakes!

  17. Warning: Anthropologie is addictive. Your nostalgia shelf is such a treasure and the treasures on it, oh, my! Beautiful. I missed the linkup today but am happy to visit you!

  18. I love browsing the Anthro site but have never bought anything. No stores anywhere near me which is prolly a good thing!

  19. I always LOVE your Friday Finds and Random 5! Anthropologie is such a dangerous place. Mine is 10 minutes away and I have to be careful how often I visit! So amazingly special that you still have those adorable little dresses from when you were little and you have displayed them perfectly! And I SO agree with the "you get what you pay for" adage, especially when it comes to burgers. My son who lives in Dallas introduced me to a place when I was visiting there called Hopdoddy's and it is fabulous! There were only two in the country and then when they decided to open a third, they opened it only a few miles from me! They have spoiled me for burgers anywhere else.

  20. A great post for Friday finds. So have to wonder how you liked ANTHROPOLOGIE! It is a fun store. I also just love the shot of your adorable baby dresses, and especially that you have the one your mother bought for you. What a treasure!

  21. oh my gosh!!! Anthro.... 10 miles away..... be still my heart. :)
    what a dream that would be....
    i love quilts.... yours are BEAUTIFUL.

    Thanks for linking up to FF...... have a beautiful weekend... xo

  22. Well I certainly wish I'd been along on this trip. You take us there, in the blog. I doubt I'll ever get to see that store in real life but you can. Cool! And oh, the dresses. Those beautiful dresses. Warm my heart. And the quilts. Ahhhh. Nothing compares. And the great burger. This post was much needed sunshine in my week, dear Cathy. Thank you.

  23. That is the most adorable little dress!! And, I bet you were adorable wearing it. Loved your random five!

  24. Hi Cathy, I'm finally getting around to visiting from Kim's Friday Finds. You had my attention right away with your beautiful picture of the quilts. I am a quilter and agree wholeheartedly that there is no better sleep than the one beneath a quilt. Your Friday Finds are such a nice introduction to you - not only as a photographer, but as a person. We have a few things in common - and perhaps we are near the same age - as the Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds, had the same effect on me. It's still one of the scariest movies I've ever seen! I've also never made it to an Anthropologie store, but I did a little online browsing. And those little dresses bring such sweet memories. Your blog was a welcome treat for me, in the midst of a busy day.


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