Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Finds & Random 5 Friday - March 21, 2014

I finally found the magic time to take pictures of my jonquils. It seemed no matter what time I was outside, I couldn't get a decent picture. There just seemed to be no depth...just blobs of yellow. I glanced out the window while cooking dinner around 4:30, saw this gorgeous light, and grabbed my camera. YES! This is what I wanted!  In case your interested, I didn't burn dinner!
On to some randomness...
Fact  #1
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, written in 1875, is considered as the first published book written by using a typewriter; a Remington.  I love old typewriters!  I want one!!

Fact  #2
I'm on a mission to take a picture of every county courthouse in Arkansas.  While I'm in town for the courthouse shot, I wander around taking pictures of other historical buildings and cemeteries. I never seem to have enough time to see everything I want to!

Fact  #3
I love my washing explanation needed! The third washboard has the word "saver" on it, surely it doesn't read "time saver!"

Fact #4
I've always wanted a long porch on the front of my house. Alas, I don't think I'll every get one!  I wouldn't mind the house that goes with this porch either!
 (Cargile House, Arkadelphia, AR - built in 1898)
Fact  #5
It snowed again this week. I was pretty excited!  Gee!  We might be up to a whole four or five inches total for this winter!! By the next day temperatures were back up in the 60's! Thankfully, the snow didn't seem to hurt my Flowering Almond tree.

Happy Spring!
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  1. As a family we are trying to make our way to all the capitols, but sadly ;) we have many to go. lol

    My grandmother had a really old typewriter in her basement that we would play with when we were kids....I would give anything for that now!

  2. Yay for spring! Yes, old typewriters are a hot commodity these days. Who ever would have guessed? And I love your jonquil! Isn't spring wonderful?

  3. Thanks for once again bringing your little bit of spring - since we haven't seen any evidence of it yet here in Northeastern Ohio. And I love your project to capture the Arkansas county courthouses - how many have you collected thus far? And swinging on the porch swing on my Grandma's porch (in Louisville, KY) is one of my fondest childhood memories - there is nothing like it.

  4. Aren't the daffodils fun to see blooming again. The lighting in your shot was lovely.
    Wow that is an old typewriter. I'm think they look cool but typing on one, not so easy. I'll stick with a keyboard for that.
    Great shot of that Courthouse. The lovely home with the big porch is nice but maintain those big homes can't be easy.
    Snow again...well for those who didn't have that much (we had about 10 inches in Feb.) I bet it was fun but I'm so over winter now. Your Almond tree blooms are so pretty.

  5. I love old typewriters too! I really like that house with the porch! As a small apartment dweller, I wouldn't mind a small house with or without a porch, but that's not about to happen either!
    Thank goodness we no longer need to use those washboards! Have a lovely weekend, Cathy.

  6. Perfect light for your jonquil! Lovely snowy blossom shot!

  7. wonderful shots! i love that house, old typewriters and old courthouses too! have a great weekend :)

  8. I like your courthouse mission! I too would love a front porch or a wrap around porch, or a screen porch. Next house hopefully!

  9. I have a washboard like the back one in the bin. (No longer in use!) The juxtaposition of the blooms with the snow is beautiful.

  10. Great photos! What a fun mission. I love visiting little towns and photographing the old buildings.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. You really did find the right light for your daffodils! Beautiful! #3 makes me love my washing machine, too. I love big front porches too, and alas, I'm with you in the likely-to-never have one category - oh well... Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. oh ... love the snow on your flowering almond ... beautiful! I love when the snow spreads its beautiful magic ... but I also love when it melts the next day!!

  13. I'd love a porch on our house... it used to have one many years ago. Must have fallen into disrepair and was taken down. Perfect daffodil shot!

  14. You captured a gorgeous shot of that flower - great light!

  15. Pretty jonquil, and nice your found the nice light. LOVE big porches, they are so relaxing. The bottom flowers are my favorite though - even with snow on them.

  16. Beautiful photos....I especially love your photo of the snow on the almond tree blossoms! Glad the snow didn't hurt them.

    I like washboards too!

  17. I do enjoy reading these posts. You have such an optimistic view of the world--and it shows in both word and photo. Image-wise, I really like the one of the snow-kissed blooms. Hopefully spring is fully in place for you by now.


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