Sunday, August 18, 2013

Walking Quietly

When I'm out taking photos, I never know just what I'll run across.  I was headed back to my car after a day of taking pictures when I spotted this little structure sitting near the sidewalk beside an Episcopal Church. It made me smile and of course I had to take a picture. I laughed when I saw a water faucet sticking out of the back; cute way to cover it up.  Then I looked around and realized I was near a courtyard beside the church. I decided to peek in and spotted a garden with a rock labyrinth that was open to the public.

I've heard of labyrinths, but I've never seen one.  I did a little Google search and found that "in the Middle Ages, walking a cathedral labyrinth was a substitute for going on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Not everyone could make the long and arduous journey to the Holy Land, so walking a labyrinth in a church was a devotional activity. Today, meandering labyrinths are often used as walking meditations, to focus the mind. Walking among the turnings, one loses track of direction and of the outside world, and thus quiets the mind."

Never having seen a labyrinth, it took me a moment to find the entrance.  This stone carved with a scripture was near the beginning of the pathway.

Unlike a maze that has dead ends,  labyrinths meander with a single, undivided path and no choices to make other than traveling onward through the winding pattern to the center. This labyrinth looked like it had four sections. I thought I'd probably just walk through one section and then move on to the next, but  randomly it would almost make a complete circle and start in a new section.

I was fascinated with the shapes and colors in the rocks.  As you can see many of the rocks show crumbling and wear.
In the very center of the labyrinth is a small cross.
I enjoyed following the pathway to the center and finding peace and quietness in the middle of a bustling tourist town.
I'm linking this to new link up party with Helen  called Weekend Walk at The Inspiration Pavilion. This link up is about getting out each week, walking, and of course sharing photos. You should join us!

This is also my August Break - Day 18 post. The prompt was looking down which I certainly did a lot of.


  1. I can feel the peace and calm in your words and photos. What a wonderful discovery.

  2. You just never know what wonderful surprise is around the corner...I have heard of
    labyrinths before but I have never walked one....It certainly sounds like it was a very calming experience for you and what beautiful old stone. This is a wonderful post and thanks for sharing the new meme.....

  3. I liked reading about the meditative labyrinth and the pictures of the stonework. The bible quotation from Proverbs is very apt too.
    What an original idea to build a miniature church around an outside tap!

  4. So happy you are joining us walking again :) I never knew any of that about labyrinths, so thanks for sharing.

  5. What a wonderful experience - to come across this labyrinth and walk its path. The texture and color of the stones is so very lovely - it would make the meditative walking a real joy.

  6. Beautiful! Labyrinths are amazing, aren't they? Our church has one in the old church yard beside our church, which is more than 200 years old.

  7. cathy this is so neat! i never knew all that about labyrinths. to me it speaks volumes about my walk with the lord. so glad you stumbles upon certainly brighten my day.

  8. I don't think I've ever seen a labyrinth either. Your post makes me want to google to see whether there's one near where I live. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Love this post. I too will find something unexpected when out-and that's such a wonderful thing. Why haven't I seen this before.
    I love the way you captured and talked about the labyrinth. I fear I would have just walked across as if it were a patio or decor in the middle of the courtyard. Lovely.

  10. This is so interesting - thinking back I must've come across many of these and never realised what they were - for sure I'll be on the look out now for one! I love the rich tones of the stone - so beautiful. It's always a joy when you come across a hidden area to explore - there's always something new to discover. Thank you so much for linking with my Weekend Walks - I really look forward to seeing your future trips out and about with you camera.


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