Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chrome and Shine

Friday morning found us cruising down the highway headed to Mena, Arkansas for the annual street rod show at Queen Wilhelmina State Park. Zipping along in our automobile brings a smile to my face and it brings smiles to others as well.  You would never believe the number of people who pass us on the road smiling, waving and taking our picture. For just a second we touch other's lives and bring them a little happiness. There's a little town we go through on our way to Mena where the school playground is right next to the road. Several times it's been recess when we passed by. As soon as the children spot  the old cars and trucks they start smiling and screaming; running to the fence and waving. I always roll down my window and give them a big wave.
On Friday night the streets near the old railroad station are blocked off so we can park together and everyone can wander around and look at the cars.
The shot above and the one below were taken out of a very dirty window on the second floor of an antique shop. While Mr. H looks at cars, I browse the shops. You can see our truck in the photo below. It's the solid red one; a 1940 Ford. That's Mr. H standing right in front of it in the white t-shirt talking to someone about his truck.
Here's a closer look at Old Red, which is what Mr. H calls it. Most of these antique cars and trucks are not restored to their original state, mostly because parts are unavailable and the original engines would not stand up to today's faster speeds.  Oh, and we women like our air conditioning! Old Red was originally a work truck and probably only went to town and back. We're only the third owners of the truck which is kind of neat and we have the original title which is really neat. Okay, enough about our truck, now on to the show.
We spend Saturday and Sunday at Queen Wilhelmina State Park which happens to be the second highest mountain peak in Arkansas. Each year I try to find a different theme for  my photos. This year I noticed the fascinating reflections. The blue one below is my favorite. I loved the repetition of the reflection in the chrome grill.  The bottom two are reflections in chrome bumpers. Yeah, that's my legs in the one on the right, much longer than they are in real life!

 Reflections in the paint.
Have you ever seen such shine!
 Reflection in a headlight.

And lastly, not a reflection but a number for today's August Break prompt.
Don't ask me what kind of car it is, but whatever it is...it's a 1937.
I'm also joining Helen at A Flash of Imagination for her Weekend Walk.
Why don't you drop by and join us?


  1. Old Red is quite handsome! We have a local street rod coming up real soon so I'll have to visit with camera in hand.

  2. Old Red is beautiful and I can only image the fun you have riding around in it....I would love a truck like this to ride the back mountain roads. My sweet fisherman's fishing truck is a 1994 young compared to yours but it's red and we call it Big Red because it's so long. I love riding in it; it's like being taken back to another era....
    You really got some awesome shots....

  3. What wonderful cars and trucks with their gorgeous shiny bodywork and polished chrome! Old Red is beautiful and I love the way all the men stand round proudly showing each other their pride and joy!

  4. What a fun adventure for you and Mr. H. I love all the detail shots, my favorite is the door handle in the upper right hand photo in the set of four.

  5. I love these shots reflecting in the chrome. And the history of Red. Yes, the joy people feel when seeing the cars go by. I am one of those people.

  6. Oh those close ups of all that chrome are amazing shots! My family loves it too when we see cars and trucks like these - especially my ten year old who has loved cars since he was 2! Looks fun - and how handsome is Old Red! Wow.

  7. Oooh! I LOVE all the chrome reflections that you have captured. Shooting distorted reflections in shiny cars is a favorite of mine. And you were certainly in the right place for that. I adore these old cars and trucks, with their lovely swooping curves. Your Old Red is simply beautiful

  8. Wow, the reflections are fabulous, especially the ones in chrome. I understand your favorite-a fabulous image. If later you are able to go back to it, you might get rid of that little foot caught on the left.
    I love shooting old cars and trucks, but find this kind of setting so difficult-so many people and hard to isolated one vehicle without having distraction behind. You were smart to choose a specific task-and you rocked it out.

  9. These are awesome. I love old cars/trucks, they just don't make them like they use to. These have character. Love that yours is that wonderful shade of red. The reflections are delightful and fun.

  10. These are the types of photos I like to take too! I love Old Red - how exciting to drive this - wish I could have a drive of it! Thanks so much for linking on my blog!

  11. cathy this is so neat! especially since now that i've been to that neck of the woods. so great to hear that you and mr. h had such a nice. and isn't so funny how the simplest things really brint such a joy. thanks for sharing it with me. :) xoxo

  12. This looks like an amazing event. It must be a lot of fun to share your enjoyment of an antique vehicle with others who understand what it's all about! And your collection of reflection images is amazing--well done!


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