Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Break - Day 15


"Give goodness to the day

and before you know it,

the day will be giving goodness to you."
~Terri Guillemets
I'm taking a little break from August Break and actually going to talk a little about something that I am immensely grateful for!  I'm going to talk about what seems to be the most common thing to talk about...the weather!  As many of you know, I DO NOT like summer, give me winter any day!  I made a promise to myself that I would not gripe about the hot weather as much this summer. Other than a couple of little slips, I've done pretty well. Don't ask my family though, they may tell you otherwise, but on my blog I've tried to ignore that subject!  I was bound and determined to not waste away my summer wishing it were over!  But, I can't ignore the weather any longer. I must tell you what has been happening the last couple of days.
It's been what we in the south like to call "porch sitting" weather.  I woke this morning to beautiful weather, it was only 61 degrees and no humidity!  How amazing is that!  It's mid-August after all; one of our hottest months. I quickly opened the windows, turned on the attic fan, and just breathed the fresh air as it flowed through the house!  I'm just telling you right now, I won't be inside much for the next few days.  I will be out soaking up some sunshine!
I hope it's wonderful wherever you are!
Disclaimer:  Although I wish it were, that's not my porch!


  1. What a great quote and I love your row of rockers! They'd look great on my back porch ...

  2. Love the rockers and yes I understand how you felt this morning as it was the very same way in NC....In fact, I am sitting on my screen porch in a rocking chair as I type this....but I did have to come in for some water.....Enjoy.

  3. Wonderful summer shot, Cathy! So glad you got some perfect weather there.....we finally got some sun and warmed up to 75 degrees -- I am so grateful for that!

  4. So glad that you are having a break in your hot summer. It is has been lovely here too for the past few days. Enjoy your time outdoors.

  5. I love that idea of "porch sitting" weather. My grandparents lived in Kentucky - one of my favorite things was sitting out on their covered front porch, swinging in the porch swing. Glad you are able to be out and about, enjoying the coolness.

  6. A treat in what is usually the dog days of summer. Enjoy it!


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