Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Break - Day 31

Everything about this makes me smile;
The katydid,
the shadow,
the reflection,
and the fact that this katydid
rode on the top of our trailer for
13 miles up to the top of a mountain!
Does he/she have suction feet?
And, then there's these smiles...
they melt my heart!!!
I'm also smiling today because I did it! I posted every day during the month of August. This is supposed to be an August Break, but I have do differ with that. I don't usually post every day. To make this month easier I did go to my archives a lot and find pictures that I liked but hadn't posted. Sometimes I followed the prompts, sometimes I didn't. Starting tomorrow it's back to normal, whatever that is! I have no normal schedule. I just post. when the mood hits me and I have something to share.

I have enjoyed spending this August with you!



  1. I put one these on Caleb's hand when he was little...STICKY!

  2. Some beautiful smiles here, today! And come on ... once you get started it's kind of like brushing your teeth ... you don't want to skip a day! :-D

  3. Hey your Katydid shot is great too! - Such sweet smiling faces. Congrats on the August Break. I don't normally post everyday either so it would have been hard for me. Way to go.

  4. What shining, beautiful boys, Cathy. It's been great to see you all this August. Well done, well done!!!

  5. Love all the pictures you posted for August. Love the boys. It is hard to believe how fast they grow up. What is so neat is a few years ago you would not have seen everything in the photo of the katydid. That is the beauty of your photography. Love ya sis.

  6. Oh, my! That bug provides a lesson in perseverance! Love the combination of his green-ness with his shadow and reflection. And what precious smiles - you are one lucky grandma.

  7. kudos to you cathy! and oh how i have enjoyed your break. i think shaking things up sometimes is the absolute best way to feel renewed and inspired. but like you, i am looking for a return to "normal". :) congrats friend. xoxo

  8. Lots of things to smile about in this post, especially those precious grandchildren--what an amazing and heartwarming collage!

    Congrats, too, on posting every day during August--an accomplishment for sure. I was only able to participate during the early part of the month when I was on vacation, but I'm already looking forward to next August. I just have to work on building an archive of post-worthy photos.


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