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Walk and Click Wednesday ~ April 24, 2013

Well, I'm late again.
I feel like the rabbit from Alice In Wonderland!
"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"
I'm so glad linky parties are kept open for more than one day!

If you read my post yesterday, you know I visited the new Children's Library in town. If you haven't read it, I hope you'll take a few minutes and check it out. It's a pretty marvelous place!  Yesterday I showed you inside, today I'll take you for a walk around the building.

The side that faces the parking lot is single story and unassuming, and the full height and style of the building is only visible from the rear, where children can roam the grounds.

The grounds themselves are made up of features intended to represent various topographical areas in Arkansas. A drainage creek that meanders through the area has been repurposed to create “wetlands”.
The 6-acre site has walking paths and bridges so that families can come out here and enjoy themselves. It is a fun place that kids can run around and play and adults can enjoy a beautiful walk.
There are several benches overlooking the water. It's not exactly a quiet place to sit and reflect. The interstate is just behind the trees, but there is an abundance of birds and I enjoyed watching the water flow.
At the top of the hill is a greenhouse where children are taught how to grow and harvest vegetables. Along the rock ledge of the building are pots of tomato plants. I can just image the excitement of these children as they watch them bloom, bear fruit, and take home the tomatoes.

There's also a small amphitheater for outdoor learning.

A lot of planning and work went into this library and all the effort certainly paid off. It is an enjoyable place to spend a few hours.
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This will be the last Walk and Click Wednesday link-up. Lissa at LAF Custom Designs has decided to no longer host it. I will miss visiting different parts of the world with this group, but I understand that Lissa has others plans for her blog.


  1. My favourite part is the greenhouse where the children are taught how to grow and harvest vegetables. This is such a lovely idea!

  2. I am always late too... wonderful walk, your photos are fantastic. Love the idea of the greenhouse. I will check out your previous post

  3. I am really quite amazed at this place - such thought and consideration went into its design - every aspect meant to bring beauty and learning to children and their families. And it is tremendously beautiful as well. The architecture is simply amazing - wish I could have a go at it :) Thanks so much for sharing this stunning place - your images do it great justice.

  4. I really like the leaf with the water droplets. I also saw a self portrait of you. I am excited that you are out and about finding new things.

  5. Wow, I thought the inside was special. The outside might be even better, and your photos show it off beautifully. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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