Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Walk and Click Wednesday ~ April 17, 2013

We had a wonderful weekend with our grandsons. They've been sharing illnesses, the flu, stomach viruses, and strep throat, so we haven't all been together since Christmas. That is way too long!  For them, I'm glad this winter is over and I know they're mommies are, too!   We needed to celebrate four birthdays, Valentine's Day, and Easter.  Let's just say we had one big PARTY! 
Since I'm a little tired from all the celebrating, I've stayed pretty close to home this week.  I spent some time working in my shade gardens where my azaleas are beginning to bloom. They haven't bloomed well for a couple of years, although I fertilize them right on schedule. I think it's the results of two very hot, dry summers. I tried to keep them watered, but the heat was relentless.

When I walked each day I didn't wander further than "my woods" behind the house. They really don't belong to me, but I have staked my claim on them. My pathway is an old railroad bed. We've had trouble in the past with people driving their cars down the gravel bed and dumping. But, slowly the woods are taking over and after this winter's ice storm cars can no longer get through. That is certainly one good thing that came out of the storm.

The only thing I didn't enjoy was the massive amount of pollen in the air. I do mean MASSIVE! When the wind blows there are clouds of pollen swirling through the air. There are little yellow dots of pollen everywhere, even on my camera lens, so I have to keep a cleaning cloth in my pocket!

It's clinging to the fruit of the maple trees. Don't you just love their color? They look like pretty little blooms. The fruit is a "samara" which means the seeds grow "wings" to help in seed dispersal. They remind me of little helicopters when they float to the ground.
The dogwood leaves look gritty instead of soft. I wanted some pictures of the dogwood flowers, but they were all way above my head.
Thankfully, I don't have allergies.
I'm able to get out and enjoy spring although it feels like summer!
It has been in the mid 80's and very, very humid.
Actually, it's been miserable!!
Thanks for walking with me!
I hope I haven't made you sneeze!
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  1. Wonderful walk with your magnificent photography ~ glad nature filled in the path for you to prevent 'dumpers' ~ Great post for WAC ^_^

  2. I always enjoy your walks, you were not kidding one great big party. Your grands are really cute. I have allergies and haven't enjoyed the spring because of it. Lucky you that you don't.

  3. What a handsome group of guys. Thank you for the beautiful pictures from your backyard. If it was that humid I wouldn't want to go far either. Even though it is still cold here, at least there is no snow, but most importantly no humidity.

  4. A lovely walk in nature and such a cute shot of all your grandsons!

  5. Your grandsons are adorable.
    I would love to take a walk with your!

  6. Such good looking grans! Love 'em! Your photos are lovely and that maple tree pod is gorgeous. Ours don't look like that ...

  7. How nice you were able to get together with your grandsons. I guess ice storms can be good for some things, and it's a good thing you don't have allergies ( I don't either - we are very lucky). The flowers sure are pretty!

  8. Yes, your weather sounds much more like the middle of summer to me. And I can't believe all that pollen. Love the beautiful red maple helicopters. An amazing color. Glad you finally were able to celebrate with your grandsons.

  9. That was a lovely walk! We had pollen like than in the spring when I lived in Ohio and again in Maine. My white car would be coated in yellow when I would go out to it after work. visible pollen, just lots of dust in the wind. PS - your grandboys are all very handsome!

  10. Hi, I got you postcard. First one. Very nice card. I love to walk and take photos also.

  11. Lovely boys, I always enjoy your posts

  12. so glad you got to spend time with your adorable grandsons. and so happy that your azaleas are blooming...always such a thrill to see nature in all it's glory. :)

  13. Hi Cathy, lovely to see your family and a part of where you live! Warm wishes from Kaiserswerth, Valerie


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