Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guessing Game

Can you guess where I am?
It's brand new, just opened last week.
Let me show you a few details.

There's a staircase.
Does that help?
Not really, it's a cool staircase with lots of details and textures,
but it could be any were, couldn't  it?
This won't help you solve the mystery,
but do you see the little girl with her mother way at the bottom.
She was such a cutie!
All she wanted to do was climb the stairs.
Up and down
Over and over
Her mother patiently held her hand.
Here's a few more things I saw.

There's a kitchen and cute little chairs.
Thinking day care?
When the structure was built, the design team polled groups of children on what they wanted to learn.
“The No. 1 thing was learning how to feed themselves.”
That's pretty sad isn't it. So many small children are left at home alone and have to fend for themselves. That information led to the development of a teaching kitchen. The kitchen will offer cooking classes that will help children understand nutrition.
Here's another hint.
One of the ways you can get here is by school bus.

Thinking school?
With this peek of the outside, do you see how this slightly resembles a barn? When architect Reese Rowland designed the structure he "drew on childhood memories of dusty sunlight filtering through the slats of his grandparents' barn, winding forest creeks and fortresses made of crates and ladders. These themes of exploration and inspiration informed the building's design."
You can wander into one of the rooms and play.
Community center?
You can just sit a spell and rest.
There's a chair just your size.
Haven't figured it out yet?
I'll show you something else you can do there.
It's such a bright, cheerful place. Susan Gele, assistant director for public relations at Central Arkansas Library System says, “the colors inside are so vibrant and child-friendly that when you come in as an adult, it’s hard to be sad here. It’s hard to be distressed. It’s a hopeful, happy place.”
 And, it is!
I was smiling the whole time I was there.
There are frogs and turtles on the bookshelves and chairs.
There's a caterpillar bench and
rows and rows of books, just kids books.
There are toys, puzzles, games, and
computer terminals for the older ones.
Who wouldn't have fun here??
It's a library especially designed for children.

This is the most wonderful library I've been in!  Most of the children's sections in the other libraries around town are pretty boring. A few computer terminals, stuffed animals thrown around, and maybe a few pictures on the walls. Oh wait, one of our libraries does have some kites hanging from the ceiling. None are as spectacular as this.
I hope you enjoyed discovering this place as much as I did. It was fun to capture in pictures; from the small details to the overall picture. There's still more; outside walking trails, ponds, and a greenhouse. If things work out, I'm going to try and post some of those images tomorrow.


  1. what a magical place for children to foster a lifetime love of reading. love your photos - so colorful and happy. i can imagine how wonderful it was to be there in person. :)

  2. Such a brilliant place and idea. It's so good to get children interesting in reading, especially books, and not just things online! Suzy x

  3. Magical environment to encourage reading and learning!

  4. What a great post and shots - the place looks utterly magical!

  5. and I was smiling the whole time I read this!

  6. What an awesome library. Thank you for taking us on the tour. Every city should a Children's library like this.

  7. What a fabulous library. We need one of these! Love, love, love the architect's inspiration - man after my own heart. :) Happy weekend.

  8. So beautiful! I'd love to go there and enjoy a good book myself!

  9. Wow! A combination of several of my favorite things - gorgeous architecture and books! I could definitely spend some time here. I love that staircase and the way the entire place has been designed specifically with children in mind. Fabulous! And you did such an amazing job capturing all its many features.

  10. I've loved the library - any library - since I was a little girl. For me it was always all about the books. I'm sure I'd have been even more thrilled by a place as exciting as this one. I really enjoyed your magical mystery tour!

  11. Great post. The architecture is so inviting. Love that winding staircase. I must confess, after the 2nd picture I did guess library-but not a "children's library". my town the lower floor is devoted to kids, seems to be enough, but who am I to say? You're right, the colors here are super cheerful.

  12. Such a wonderful place, beautiful and inviting...

  13. So, great in so many ways both building design, building use, and your wonderful photos and script.


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