Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Third Thursday Challenge ~ April, 2013

Okay, I am aware that it is past the 3rd Thursday. Thank you, Brenda for keeping this link open for several days. As I mentioned in my last post, I've been spending time with family and our newest grandson.
 There aren't a lot of requirements for this challenge, only that we try something new.
I did that!!
I really did that!
I tried the horrifying, stomach-clenching task of
You may remember the small sculpture garden where I took some pictures several days ago. (You can read about it here) Anyway, while I was taking pictures a couple of city workers were adding fresh mulch to the flowers beds along the street. I got brave, whipped up my camera, and took this picture. Notice he's not looking my way, but, hey, that's fine. I captured a real moment in his day.
spring cleaning
That was easy enough, so I turned around and saw this lady. Once again, she's not looking, still fine with me! After all, this is pretty new to me!

headed up town
Now to the good part. This gentlemen (same one as above) began to talk to me and tell me some interesting spots around the area that I might want to photograph. He called himself "the tour guide." He has been working in this area for two years and knew lots of great information. We talked for a few minutes and then I did it.
I asked him!
Yes, that's what I said!
I asked him!!
I opened my mouth and out came the words...
May I  take your picture?
He was happy to pose for me. He even picked out the window he wanted to pose in front of! He was super excited that "Oxford American Magazine" will be housing it's business offices, a restaurant, and holding special events in this building. He wanted me to go peek in the windows and see how the construction was coming along and look at the original tin roof. 
 tour guide

That worked so well, I tried it again. I asked the lady in the hat if I could take her picture and she said, of course. Her name is Laverne Davis, she is the Master Gardener that keeps this little park beautiful.
 Master Gardener

That was all the courage I could find. I only asked two people.  I took a picture of these girls in line at a small restaurant. They look like they've been playing tennis and decided to grab some lunch. Not one of them is paying any attention to me.
 lunch with friends

After purchasing my lunch to go, I wandered back to the sculpture garden to eat. Several people must have also  thought it would be a good idea to get outside during lunch on this beautiful day. They were milling around and chatting or on their laptops and cell phones.
 meeting friends at the park

I captured a few of the locals going about their everyday business.
 crossing the street

Lastly, I captured a little bit of the transportation in downtown...a city bus and the bicycle. I didn't think anyone was watching until I got home and uploaded these to my computer. The bus driver is really staring at me! Glad I didn't see that when I was there!
catching a ride

Will I do this again?  I'm not sure!
Did it get any easier?  Absolutely not!
But, I did it and I'm rather proud of myself!
Truthfully, I'm surprised any of these turned out!
I was shaking so badly!


  1. Wow, Cathy! You really stepped up the challenge this month! Taking images of people - that is one of my stomach-clenchers as well. And you should be VERY proud for taking such a leap outside your comfort zone. You have captured the everyday moments of city life and turned them into tiny celebrations. I like the BW processing - it adds a timeless quality to the images. Your bravery is such an inspiration to me - thank you for participating in the Third Thursday Challenge.

  2. Cathy, would it be weird if I say I love you? You are my hero! So, so brave - and your photos turned out wonderfully! I especially love Tour Guide, with the reflection showing the setting, Master Gardener, Lunch with Friends, Meeting Friends....well, all of them, really. Well done!

  3. Good for you. That was a brave adventure. Yeah, people are just plain scary :)

  4. Fabulous! Well done - and much braver than me - I click and run when I'm doing street photography! Really love your tour guide shot. Brilliant!

  5. Yahoo for you! This is hard-and I don't often ask people if I can take their photo, and must say, sometimes they say "no" and put a hand up between their face and your camera-and that's OK. Sometimes as you learned, they don't. I like the gardener shot-he's not smiling, he just is and isn't that how we spend many days? How fruitful to speak with him.
    I enjoy images of people from behind like your woman on the street and the bicycle shot. It allows me to create a story of where they might be headed to or thinking about. And in the case they may not want their image taken, this seems like a no harm, no foul way to do so.
    You get "two snaps up" for this month girlfriend. Way to go!

  6. Congratulations! I think street photography is intimidating whether it's anonymous or you ask the person(s). I can only remember a time or two that I did and I was scared spitless. You did a beautiful job, so proud of you!

  7. Okay, Grandma. If you can do this...perhaps I can, too. Courage, said the cowardly lion...aka me.

    Your photos are excellent.

  8. oh my goodness cathy! these are great. i am a total scaredy-cat when it comes to street photography. but you did aweseome. congrats!

  9. Hurrah for you--I too am squeamish about people photography. You did a great job, especially for a first effort. This could be the start of something great!

    I also really like your triptychs--they are a nice bonus to a terrific post.


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