Monday, September 27, 2010

Words From Drew and Josh

I've been very busy for the last few days.  My sister, Judith, and I went for a little fun time in Jefferson, Tx.  I'll be posting about some of our fun when I get my pictures organized.  But, today, I have a few more words  about my stay at Patty's.  Words from Drew and Josh, the 3 year olds.  I had to learn a new language, but we managed pretty well. Here's a few quotes,

"Where's my chugga-chugga choo-choo?" his favorite Geo-trac train engine
"I want to watch choo-choo press" translation "I want to watch Polar Express" their favorite movie
"Where's my woobie?" translation "where's my lovie?" have to have these to sleep
"Is that your puta?" translation "computer"

"Gramma, I can't find double-hitch" he was looking for a certain Geo-trac train engine
"Gramma, where are your slip flops" his name for my new slippers that Patty bought me
"How long it takes for Mommy to get to Laska?" Alaska
"Gramma, why are you staying forever?"
Josh making up a story at bedtime - "Itta bitta time" translation "One upon a time"

And this conversation between Drew and Josh
Josh - "Mommy in Laska" - Alaska
Drew - "No! Mommy on airplane" - he thought she was on the plane for the full 8 days, poor Mommy!!

They are so precious, I wish I could remember every funny thing they said!

Smile Today!!


  1. I'm glad you have successfully brushed up on the language of Drew and Josh. Sometimes I still have a hard time! They had the best time with you and daddy. Thanks again! They are very special boys. Last night they were arguing over who would "have" gramma and who would "have" gramps. It was a very confusing argument. They kept switching names all around. Not sure who won either!

  2. At least that means they want both of us!!


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