Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jake, My Wonderful Helper

This guy right here was my lifesaver when Gramps and I stayed with the boys.  This is our oldest grandson, Jake.  He's seven and in the 2nd grade.  Great guy, does well in school, and has a wonderful personality.   Getting him to school was so easy.  He set his alarm each morning, got up, got ready for school and bounded downstairs. He even made his own lunch when he didn't want to eat at school. He was just great at helping me with anything I needed to know.  Where Mom kept things or how she did things.  For instance, I had been there for about 5 days when I could not get the dryer started.  I pushed the button several times, nothing happened and then Jake walked by and very casually said "Gramma, you have to hold the button down."  He seemed to know everything.  He was also a great help with the twins, he knows their language, their routines and their favorite things.  When you're not used to taking care of  two three-year old boys it can be a little overwhelming.  I kept saying, "Jake, I don't know how your Mom does this!"

One morning we all were up early, so I decided to take Jake to school with the twins instead of Gramps.  Drew and Josh were really excited.  To start with, the twins had been playing with blankets and wanted to take them.  Since it was raining and my car wouldn't fit in the garage, I threw the blankets over their heads and carried them to the car.  Two trips in the rain for me.  OK, ready to go...not quite Josh had forgotten his toy dog in a cage that he was constantly carrying around.  He even had to sleep with it.  OK, Gramma runs back in and gets the cage.  Third trip in the rain for me.  Ready to go...not quite, the dog wasn't in the cage.  OK, Gramma runs back in and finds the dog.  Fourth trip in the rain for me.  Ready to go at last.  Gramma is a little wet, but laughing!  Josh  brought a small keyboard along and played it all the whole way to school as loud as it would go.  A little arguing between the twins began over the choice of songs.  And Drew thought it was too loud.  A very noisy ride to school.  I laughed when Jake said  "Gramma, I don't know how my Mom does this!"  I said, "Me either, she's a SUPERMOM!!" 

We had a blast with Jake.  We did lots of four-wheeler riding around their property.  I especially enjoyed when we went through the weeds and made our own trails out toward the power lines. I'm not real fond of four-wheelers but he is a good and careful driver, never scared me once.   I think that was Jake's favorite thing to do while we were there, to ride on the four-wheeler.  Thanks so much to you, Jake, you were a wonderful help to me!!!
Gramma loves all her grandson!!

Give your children or grandchildren a hug today!! They are a blessing from God!!


  1. I am going to have to read this to Jake when he gets home from school. This is sure to make him smile. He thrives on helping others, and I know he did plenty of that while you guys were here. He has awesome memories from that week (plus a few days). Special times with special grandparents.

    By the way, don't you love his creepy snake shirt? I tried to talk him out of it, but I think that made him want it even more!


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