Thursday, September 2, 2010

Treasures on Thursday

As promised, I'm going to show you what hangs above the sewing machine drawer.

This is a handkerchief dress that I bought, of all places, at a neighborhood drug store.  Isn't it just the cutest little thing?  I love the tiny clothes hanger.  Vintage handkerchiefs fascinate me, all the beautiful embroidery work and crocheted edges.  I love to look at them at flea markets and antique stores, and have bought several.   Even though this is not a vintage handkerchief, I couldn't resist buying it.  The bodice is made of paper and the skirt is the handkerchief.  For some reason this dress reminds me of paper dolls.  I love paper dolls, always have.  I can remember playing paper dolls for years and years, even when I thought I was too old.  We used to cut the models out of the Sears catalog and design clothes for them.  I don't have any of my paper dolls, wonder where they went?  I have bought a few sets over the years, but honestly old paper dolls are too expensive for me.



  1. Oh yeah! Now I remember what the lace belonged to! Too bad you don't have any grand-daughters to play paper dolls with. Although I'm sure Josh would LOVE to play with you. His little imagination would go into overdrive!

  2. I'll play paper dolls with Josh anytime he want to. I still have a good imagination. I do have some bear paper dolls, they wouldn't be too girlish!


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