Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy Gramma

Speaking of Drew and Josh and Jake, Gramps and I kept them for about nine days while their Mom and Dad went on a trip to Alaska.
I'll be honest, I was worried about keeping them for that length of time. I was afraid they would just be miserable without Mommy and Daddy.  They missed them a lot, but they handled it well. Only a few break downs. It was a joy to be around them in their everyday lives. They live about 3 hours away and when we visit back and forth it's usually for a short few days.  I miss theses boys each and every day. They just change so much between visits.  Jake read to us at night. He's in the second grade and can just read anything!  He was definitely a big help.  He patiently answered all my questions like -  Where does your Mom keep her recipes?   Do you know where this or that is?   What do I do with this?  The twins laughed at me because I couldn't keep their cups and lids straight - no Gramma not that lid - my water goes in that cup and so on. Finally, I gave up on matching cups and lids, left them on the counter and let them pick which one they wanted.  Worked much better. I'll be blogging a few days about our adventures. But, first here's a few pictures of Patty's beautiful home.

This is what you see when you're on the back porch. Beautiful moutains!
Watching the sunrise from the front porch. Isn't it beautiful!  If there had been more time I would have stayed on the front porch.  But, these guys will keep you busy from daylight to dark.  They have so much energy.
The next pictures are in her laundry room. It is such a bright and cheerful place, you really don't mind doing laundry. Well, you don't mind as much!!

I love birds, and this one is so cheery!! Patty has such a good eye for decorating!
Here's another bird in the laundry room. It's metal with these cute magnets to hold the pictures!

I love this little saying. I'm kind of that way. If my family is there, I feel like I'm home wherever I'm planted.  I felt right at home at Patty's.  The only thing I really missed was my bed! There's just nothing like your on bed!!

And, last I wanted to show you these beautiful stained glass front doors.  Aren't they just wonderful!  In the afternoon the sun shines through them and they are gorgeous.
Just a little highlight to show you how pretty her home is.  I could post lots of pictures, antique fireplaces, converted gas lighting, antique doors and much more, but that would get to be very long, so I'll stop here.

Hope you're enjoying where you are today!!

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  1. What a nice house! Heehee! The yellow laundry room doesn't look so YELLOW in your pictures. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and survived! The boys had a great time and are still talking about it! They're still calling me Gramma too! Thanks so much for watching them for us! It was hard to leave them, but knowing that you and daddy were here made it much easier! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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