Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Busy Hands

While everyone has moved on to the new year, I seem to be stuck at Christmas. That's most likely because I spent almost the entire month of December stuck home with a viral upper respiratory infection. I didn't feel horrible, I was trying to be wise and not spread this horrid infection. 

I've reached the other side of my down time, but still deal with fatigue. The fatigue was worse than all the other symptoms combined. I don't think I've every experienced anything like it. Taking two naps a day pretty much explains how bad it was!

All was not lost though, in between coughing and napping I dug around my craft room looking for something to occupy my time. I uncovered a small stack of Christmas ornaments that needed finishing. Some were completely stitched and just needed assembled, some were partially stitched, and then I began a couple of new ones.

In the past I was an avid stitcher. A day didn't go by when I wasn't putting needle and thread to fabric. Then, my interest waned and I developed other passions; first scrapbooking and then photography.

Recently I've been inspired to pick up needle and thread again. The reason for my inspiration? I discovered Carol's wonderful blog, Stitching Dreams. I was fascinated when I read that she stitches one Christmas ornament a month and has been doing this for several years. I love her choice of ornaments and her creative finishing ideas. If you'd like to visit the blog post where she shares her 2017 ornaments you can click here. I've set a goal for myself to do likewise; stitch an ornament a month in 2018. The ornament below is my January 2018 finish. It's hard to tell from the photo, but there are a lot of beads on this and a sweet little bear charm hanging off the back of the sleigh. Toyland Sleigh was a kit from Mill Hill that I picked up a while back.  It was easier to start with all the needed supplies together, since I've been unable to get out and shop.

These are by no means the first cross stitched ornaments on my tree, after all I began stitching in 1972. As I took my ornaments off the tree to pack them away, I decided to count them. I have . . .

65 cross stitch,
27 others handmade by me,
55 ornaments I've been given,
6 ornaments in memory of loved ones,
6 from my childhood,
12 Old World glass,
???? miscellaneous ornaments.
(I took off the miscellaneous last and
forgot to count them!! I just know
there's a lot!)

Not only did I enjoy stitching the ornaments, I enjoyed taking pictures of them. It gave me something to do on a very cold rainy day! I must also give Carol credit for great ways to photograph ornaments!

Now that the Christmas decorations are boxed away, maybe I can move on to the new year!

As we begin this new year,
I wish you hope, joy, love, and peace!


  1. These ornaments are exquisite, Cathy! I, too, used to be a stitcher, but I haven’t picked up needle and thread in about 40 years! I have a few framed stitch pieces in my house that I did long ago. I’m glad you’re feeling better. So many people seem to be suffering from the fever, cough, tiredness, etc right now. Stay well and enjoy 2018!

  2. I love your blog and enjoyed your staging.

  3. Sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope you are feeling better. The only good thing about being homebound is you can get some of those things done.

  4. These are wonderful Cathy! We have an embroidery group in the area and many of them do work like this. It always fascinates me but I have never felt the urge to pick up needle and thread. So glad you are feeling better but continue to take it easy. I find that too much exertion still wipes me out after my bout with illness. Take care!

  5. What absolutely beautiful ornaments, Cathy. You have photographed them very beautifully too. I love the addition of tiny beads. You so good at this!
    Sorry to hear that you still feel tired from your viral infection.
    I also caught a coughing virus in December which really knocked me out and I also still feel tired.

  6. These are beautiful, and what a wonderful way to fill your time. I've always loved handmade ornaments, and used to enjoy cross stitch. I made a needlepoint stocking for my granddaughter, this year, but found I don't enjoy needlepoint as much. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better!

  7. Cathy, what a delightful post! I know I'm late getting around to reading it, but your ornaments (and photos) are lovely and have put me back into a happy, Christmas-y mood. That's pretty surprising, since I couldn't wait to pack my Christmas "stuff" away this year -- I had the tree down by Dec. 28. Your careful needlework is exquisite. You never cease to amaze me! I'm glad you're over your nasty virus and hope you are feeling back to normal by now.

  8. Oh, Cathy, how very sweet of you to give me and my blog a shout-out :) I am glad I've inspired you to get those lovely Christmas stitchings out of storage and finish them for your tree. They are absolutely beautiful and are all so different and nicely photographed. I'm really looking forward to enjoying your stitching along with your beautiful photos this year!


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