Monday, April 3, 2017

Some Days - Scene & Story March 2017

Some days aren't easy.
Some days are filled with chores and appointments.
Some days hold too many responsibilities.
Some days bring hurt and sorrow.
Some days anxiety can't be controlled.
Some days I need to hide and rest.
After a while, I'll be refreshed and smiling again.

"thank you nothingness
thank you clarity
thank you, thank you silence"
~ Alanis Morissette

 * * * * *

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  1. I understand those feelings. They seem to visit me every Monday.

  2. That's how the dark days of winter can feel to me. Now that the colors and sunny warm days are more plentiful The brighter Spring days leave me refreshed.

  3. We just have to bear with things the way they are sometimes, knowing in our hearts that it cannot be forever. All situations change constantly and this is what keeps us going in the difficult moments.
    Wishing you sunny, relaxed moments ahead, Cathy.

  4. Cathy, this really touches my heart. I have those days too, and the "nothingness" and the silence are such blessings. I wish you times of peace and joy even amidst the chaos.

  5. A exquisite representation of the flower with its "face" hidden. Sounds like a time for reflection and self-care. Courage, my friend.

  6. Me, too, Cathy! At least you have tulips blooming. Snowing hard here.

  7. Take care of yourself Cathy, I LOVE the perspective of this image. Flowers and upbeat music often lift my spirits!!!

  8. ....and sometimes we just need to let loose! LOL
    What a lovely flower....the color is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  9. Days when you can just do "nothing" can be so relaxing.


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