Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring Has Sprung

Our spring seemed to come early this year. Maybe because we didn't really have a winter. So, I wasn't even thinking about a trip to Garvan Woodland Gardens to see the tulips until it was almost too late. My sister, sister-in-law, and I made the trip to see if any tulips were left. Some of them were already gone, but they plant so many, I'm talking thousands, that there was still plenty to see. It wasn't the best of times for photography. The wind was blowing, the sun was too high creating dark shadows, and pollen covered everything including my camera lens! I included the photo below just to show you how everything was covered in pollen. 

So, if everything looks blurry give credit to the wind, if the colors looked washed out give credit to the sun, and if they look a little cloudy give credit to the pollen. In other words, these are not the best of pictures, but it was the best of days and that's what's important to me!

As many of you know, I love hearts found in nature. My sweet sister-in-law knows this and has a great eye for finding them. She pointed this small one out to me. It's a broken pine needle caught in a cedar tree. She saw this right as we began walking the trails. This was a great way to start my day.

Like I said there were plenty of tulips to see. I love the beauty and lines of tulips. In fact, I thought I liked them more when the petals were upright and closed together, but I think I've changed my mind. Their petals gracefully open and their beautiful centers stole my heart. 

I was standing looking at the tulips when I witnessed one of those wonder moments of nature. In the picture below notice the yellow tulip and the light that seems to come from within. As I mentioned earlier the wind was blowing. As it blew the tree branches above, the flower would be in the shadow, then the branch would move just enough for the flower to be in the light. It was as if this lovely tulip had a lantern inside that was going on an off. It was amazing to see. Now I wish I'd gotten a video of it!

The 210 acres of Garvan Gardens are on a long peninsula. The winding trails lead to the tip of the peninsula where there's a beautiful overlook landscaped with flowers, rocks, and waterfalls. We took a little break, ate a snack, listened to the water, and enjoyed the beauty of Lake Hamilton and Mount Renati in the distance.

Although I went to see the tulips and they were incredibly beautiful, it was the cherry blossom that took my breath away. I've never been at the gardens when they were blooming. I don't know a way to describe them, simply breathtaking!

We had a great day together. We saw incredible beauty, we walked, we talked, we laughed, and had a wonderful lunch at the park. The only thing that might have made it better was less wind, less sun, and definitely less pollen!   Achew!! 


  1. Wonderful photos of your visit to those gardens, Cathy! I'm so glad that spring has come your way! Despite the wind and the pollen and the bright sunlight, you got some really lovely shots here. Cute little pine-needle heart and the tulips are gorgeous and the cherry blossom so dainty!

  2. What a wonderful outing. I bet the Tulips were lovely and I think the cherry blossoms are so pretty. I loved that tulip with the light shining through it and the little heart your sister found.

    Just in case I haven't mentioned this yet: If you subscribe to my blog via e-mail for updates you may need to resign up as I recently switched e-mail addresses. - Have a great day.

  3. Sounds like a great day in spite of the problems. You have some really nice photos here. I especially like the deep purple one and the yellow/orang flower in the 3rd piece. A super little story about the tulip having a lantern - very interesting. So glad I found you through the LYA swap!

  4. A beautiful day! And don't you just love those moments when the sun pops into your frame just for a moment, as if it's just for you? As soon as you push the shutter, it's gone. Spring is early here, too. (Hope there's not a late freeze!)

  5. We did have a good time. Your pictures are always good. Thanks for posting.

  6. Cathy, you and your sister have the best adventures! It must be wonderful to have so many common interests (on top of having known each other all your lives, of course) and to share photography along with that is the icing on the cake. All these photos are beautiful, but my favorite is the heart, perfectly focused and glowing against the dark background.

  7. Our tulips need to hold off for another month for our Tulip Time Festival. I am hoping to catch the cherry blossoms at our Sculpture Garden.

  8. Your beautiful spring post was just what I needed on this gray and gloomy day here in Pennsylvania, Cathy! Such lovely flowers and gorgeous photographs (as always!!). Thank you for making our world a bit prettier today!


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