Friday, April 28, 2017

Let's Finish The Tour!

In my last post I took you on a tour of this gorgeous Victorian home. I didn't show you much, just the ceilings and the Nickelodeons. While those things were impressive there was more to the house. So come on in for the rest of the tour . . . 

First, let's meet the current owner, Carl Miller. He graciously invited 236 people into his home. I don't know much about him, but it was easy to see that he enjoyed collecting antiques.

I've always been in love with grand staircases. This one did not disappoint with it's gorgeous, rich wood. It was said that Dr. Dibrell was so caught up in the booming machine age that not one original feature was handmade; it was all mass produced by machines. He definitely was a forward thinking man! In contrast I cherish the handmade. I don't think that makes me backward thinking, just nostalgic. I had to wait a long time to take a picture of the staircase free of people. Patience is good when your a photographer!

Antiques filled the home; furniture, vases, clock, lamps, quilts, anything you could imagine.

The main bedroom was fit for a king. I didn't get a lot of pictures inside the home. Unless I was shooting up or at a specific item close to me, there were just too many people in the way!

The door hinges were even ornate!

Fireplaces, of course, were used for heating. This grand house has eight! They were definitely going to stay warm. The fireplaces were not simplee. They were all different in style and color and decorated with tiles. During nice weather they could choose to sit on one of seven porches.

We think nothing about large homes, but at the time this home was built Little Rock had only been a city for 61 years. The first structure build in Little Rock, described as a cabin or shanty, was built only 72 years before the Dibrell house. During this time period this house was definitely a mansion. The Dibrell house was built for around $1,000. Of course, that was 1892, when the average days wages was $1 to $1.50!

I'm always excited when the Arkansas Historic Preservation program tours historical homes near me. There is no other way I'd get to see inside!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. So lovely to continue the tour with you here, Cathy! I love those beautiful vases and the quilts and the old style lamp with the fringes. So many lovely details to look at. You did well with all your photos, despite the fact that there were so many people visiting. I like the tiles round that fireplace you show. It's always so interesting to visit houses like this. That's so nice that they're open to the public. I expect an entrance fee helps with the upkeep.

  2. Fabulous! but imagine having to dust all those antiques - lol. Beautiful, inside and out - Thanks for sharing Cathy.

  3. A wonderful photo tour of life in another era--really enjoyed this, Cathy!

  4. Can you imagine living in a place like that now. So many rooms, but all the glorious details.

  5. what a gracious man to open up his home to so many people, he must be so proud of it. the staircase was indeed beautiful, a work of art!!

    you captured some beautiful images, some little things that others may have missed. like the beautiful quilt at the foot of the bed!!!

  6. Wow that was quite the place. Loved the staircase and that the hinges were even, "fancy."


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