Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bookshops, Vintage and Wacky

 The Bazaar Bookshop

In the mood for a good book? I know just the place to go, The Bazaar Bookshop which is a treasure trove of wacky books. As many of you know, I love to work jigsaw puzzles. This is my second puzzle of a bookshop. The first one was a vintage shop in an old Victorian home. As I worked it I thought about browsing through the packed shelves and smelling the old books, leather, and dust. I wondered what was in the other rooms and if that beautiful old staircase creaked.

Readers Paradise

Now, The Bazaar Bookshop it is another story! It's unusual to say the least! I'm sure you could find the perfect book here. Let's say you're looking for a book about the outdoors, gardening, or nature. You might check out Julius Freesia,  The Taming Of The Yew, or Peonies From Heaven.

Would you like a book about raising babies? Try A Pram For All Seasons, Three Men In a Cot, or The Valley Of The Bottles.

You might enjoy wandering through the ladies section; Withering Tights looks good or Much Ado About Knitting. There's cookbooks if you like to cook: War and Peas or Red Kales In The Sunset.

Let's move on to the section where we can find the classics: One Flew Over the Snooker Rest or Pot Black Beauty.

Section #27 might even interest Jerry who is not a reader! Who wouldn't want to read 20,000 Jeeps Under The Sea, A Room With a VW, Volvo In Paris, or Anthony and Carburetor? There's also a business section where you can find a copy of Lord Of The Files, Of Mice And Pen, and Seven Bribes For Seven Brothers.

If you're like Jerry and don't read much, you might like to spend time looking in between the books. There are new worlds hidden on the crowded shelves. 

There are more than a dozen trees, several people, various animals, at least three restaurants, an airplane, stairways, and a variety of other artifacts.

Did you enjoy spending a little time in the wacky bookstore with me? This was such a fun puzzle to work. It kept me smiling! I hope it made you smile, too!

Credits for this delightful puzzle go to:
The Bizarre Bookshop
Artwork by Colin Thompson
Ravensburger Puzzle


  1. I sure enjoyed your post. I know you have a good time working the puzzles and then writing the blog

  2. I would love to visit these bookshops - I could just get lost there! The colors and artwork of these puzzles are fantastic.

  3. Yes! Definitely loved this puzzle and all the fun names of the books. I might have to order this puzzle, my daughter loves doing puzzles.

  4. I'd love to browse those shelves and pick out a few to read! Fun post, Cathy!

  5. What interesting and fun puzzles you find, Cathy! I especially like the big scene called Reader's Paradise! I can see why you love doing puzzles! Have a wonderful start to your week!

  6. Oh, I loved seeing this, Cathy!! It would make a perfect gift for one of my librarian co-workers :) Thanks for sharing all the little details!

  7. Love!!! Those puzzles are amazing, made me smile as I have a real love for bookstores/books in general.

  8. Oh my goodness, these titles are a riot! This puzzle may well move up the list for me. Such a great post, Cathy.


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