Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Colors

The air is hot and humid outside, but that doesn't stop the flowers from blooming. They seem quite happy in the heat. Me, I'm sitting in my corner of the couch where I have my books, magazines, computer and other "stuff" I enjoy surrounding me. From here I can look out the window and see summer's brilliant colors.

I took a couple of galvanized tubs, bought some potting soil and some garden soil and two packets of Zinnia seeds. Why Zinnias? They're easy to grow, require little care, don't mind the heat as long as they are watered, and have such happy colors! 

Zinnias grow tall and stand up so proudly in the breeze.  Mine did grow tall, but they have the tiniest blossoms. The largest is only about an inch and a half across. Who knows maybe I bought miniature Zinnias!  If there even is such a thing! Regardless of their size, they delight me with their bright summer colors.

Zinnia's remind me of my grandmother. I remember a row of Zinnias planted at the edge of her garden. I see Zinnias and I think of child-like joy, playfulness, and delight. I think of hot summer days playing and giggling with cousins. I think of vases overflowing with flowers sitting on the dining room table. I think of family and love.

"Flowers are happy things."
~ P. G. Wodehouse


  1. Oh! Your summer colors are beautiful! I love zinnias for cutting and we planted some this year. It's been a joy to bring them into the house.

  2. This is one of my new favorite Winter flowers for me in the desert, I love all the different colors on one plant. Enjoy them, it is funny my Mom loved her garden and worked in it most of her life but this is one flower I don't remember in her garden.

  3. What happy, happy images! How wonderful to surround oneself with delightful memories of childhood.

  4. Zinnias are some of my favorite flowers - so colorful and care-free. Unfortunately, I can't seem to keep them alive at altitude, even when I buy potted ones. I really like your multicolored ones.

  5. My dad always planted rows of Zinnias when I was a kid.

  6. love the bright colors of you beautiful flowers! And your corner of the couch sounds like a good place to look out and keep cool in the heat

  7. I love Zinnias and yes they do come in small size (Thumbelina variety) as well as some really huge blooms. I bought some zinnia plants but mine have not done that well this summer. I'm thinking next year of doing them from seed like you did. I love your variegated ones. They are cheery flowers for sure.


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