Saturday, March 7, 2015

Snowy Shadows

The sleet came first. For hours I could hear it peppering against the windows. 
Then came the snow, but sadly it came after I was asleep.
I  missed seeing it fall soft and powdery on top of the ice.

When I woke up the sun was shinning bringing light and shadows.

Delicate shadows beneath my azalea bushes.

Crazy shadows of limbs stuck in the snow.

Even the barbed wire cast a fine shadow.

By late afternoon the snow was melting off the roof,
dripping on the front steps,
creating tiny ice sculptures.

The persimmons were right. We finally had lots of snow.
The groundhog was right. We had six more week of winter.
I think spring is not far away
I will miss the winter.


  1. This looks like a LOT of snow for your neck of the woods. But at least it will melt quiclky. :)

  2. Gorgeous snow and wonderful shadows! I love them all, but the azalea shadows are so dainty! The barbed wire has created a graceful shadow and the daffodils look a little shocked! I have loved winter too and I wouldn't be without it! I love the first shot of the meadering stream under the trees. Have a lovely weekend, Cathy.

  3. Snow shadows are so lovely, aren't they? And you did a beautiful job. I have to confess, my favorite is the creek side photos. I always find so much beauty and grace in a snowy creek bank.

  4. Your snow shadows are beautiful. I especially like the azalea shadows as they look so light and airy....I hope you are having a great weekend....

  5. Six weeks isn't that bad anymore. It is definitely coming-that's the most important thing. Those shadows are beautiful especially that of azalea.

  6. You captured the shadows beautifully - I am jealous of the green peeking through your snow ... we won't see that for over a month ...

  7. Amazing snow shadows. Nothing better than a sunny winter day.

  8. love all the shadows Cathy, isn't it something how the daffs are poking through the snow.


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