Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Be Still 52

Seems I'm late welcoming the New Year here on my blog! I didn't mean to take such a long time off, but things happen and other things take priority, like keeping my grandsons for several days. Right before "things happened" I did work on the Be Still 52 exercises for week 28 and 29 which were similar. Week 28 we were to use a chair or table, window, and back light.  Week 29 a chair or table, window, and sidelight. We've been having some pretty dreary, overcast days lately, but finally the sun popped out for a while so I could take these pictures. Lots of light in pictures makes me think of dreamy and sweet; maybe a little nostalgic, so I looked for props that would fit that feeling. I used an old child's chair and added the toys. The first word I thought of when I saw the image on the computer was "remember." Remember playing with wooden blocks and wagons. Remember when toys were made of wood or metal not the plastic of today!

For the side light shot I choose a couple of my snowmen. They're wishing for snow as they play in the afternoon sun!  I wouldn't mind a little snow myself.  

I don't want to be slipping and sliding, so no ice, just a nice snowfall, where the roads stay clear, but the scenery is beautiful. Am I asking for too much?

Wishing you all a peaceful and happy New Year!



  1. I think you nailed the challenge.. I love that first shot and would be so sweet framed and hung in a child's room...Happy New Year....

  2. You have captured the different lightings so well and yes, I do remember when toys were mostly made out of beautiful wood before plastic took over! I love the nostalgic feel to that first image. The second shot has a homely feel, thanks to the lighting and I like seeing the detailed texture of the chair in that last shot.
    I agree about a sprinkling of snow with no ice!

  3. We are getting our fair of snow all of a sudden, but thankfully no ice. We are suppose to get a foot over the next day. Thankfully Mallory doesn't leave until Sunday and it is suppose to be done later tomorrow with the snow.

  4. Life happens and I say go with it as you did, that is how I run my blog post when I can and not worry about it when I can't. I love love love your images, each one is just brilliant. That chair I want also, so lock your doors as i will steal it. Happy New Year Cathy.

  5. We have some snow with a crust of ice over it. Where the pavement was scraped clean of snow, there's just ice...and I feel like your little snow people every time I walk to my mailbox. I wear spikes on my boots and walk VERY carefully! Great job on the assignment, beautiful lighting on all these shots.
    PS - I love your new winter header!

  6. I have yet to post this year, too!! Just a busy, busy time of year putting all the Christmas stuff away. Love your photographs, Cathy!

  7. You nailed this lesson! I haven't done it yet - yikes - I need to get on that! I could send you some snow maybe? :) but then you would have to take our ice, and minus 20C temps ... ;)

  8. Great job on these photos. We have horrible lighting in our house so I never seem to capture it very well. I agree if it would just snow on the ground and not the roads I might actually enjoy snow and winter a little more.

  9. Beautiful set-ups! Lots of fun and personality and imagination in these shots.


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