Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Be Still 52 - Weeks 30 and 31

It's time to post what I've been up to lately in the Be Still class I'm taking. 

Week 30 - part 1
best still life images of 2014

This was a very easy exercise. Since still life photography isn't my focus, I didn't have a ton of pictures to look through. I settled on these six as my best still life photos from 2014. As many of you know, I love nature and have been including little bits of nature in the photos for this class. Nature's warmth, textures, and beauty just sets my heart aflutter!

Week 30 - part 2
2015 fresh start photo

I think of fresh and I think of nature, so off to the woods I went to gather some fresh beauty. I found a couple of nandina bushes growing wild near the creek. It's always such a surprise to find their pretty colored leaves and bright red berries among the browns of winter. 

Week 31
hanging bottles, posie, and string

How many times in these Be Still posts have I said I was struggling?  Too many!  So I'm changing that to I was challenged by this exercise!  The bottles weren't the problem I have plenty of those. Posies? A fading camellia bloom and some blue berries will do for that. Hanging? There was the challenge. Finding a place to hang the bottle. Oh, and the light, that was a challenge too. It has been deary and overcast lately. I wanted to do something soft and dreamy, but my props and limited editing give you warm and natural. 

This is as close to dreamy as I got. Sending out a word of thanks to Donna Hopkins for the pretty teapot. I was the very lucky winner in her give-a-way. It also came with a lovely cup and saucer. 

I'm caught up once again and a new exercise arrives today.  I have to think so hard to create a still life that I'm afraid I'm not doing so well on the "being still" part of this class!



  1. I love that teapot! And your work today is lovely. I haven't started hanging around yet and am now traveling. Oh, I am so delinquent in this class. You inspire me though. I've also been, like you, light challenged.

  2. So lovely to see your interpretations of your Be Still images. My favourite is the second one called:"Fresh New Year" and the mosaic is just lovely, especially the feather and book. I also like the arrangement of the hanging bottle with the bright blue books! You've been busy!

  3. I love your teapot too! I am looking forward to this class! :-)

  4. Well done, Cathy! You have found such creative ways to respond to the prompts. I love your montage, and your fresh new year image -- beautiful composition. How do you find time? I am so behind in the class and feel very discouraged.

  5. These are all lovely compositions. Love your new teapot too!

  6. You have been busy catching up and love those little bottle still life. I keep forgetting to tell you I so love your blog header.

  7. Well, the struggle doesn't show through - only the imagination and creativity. I love how you are pushing yourself with this class and I think your results have been amazingly lovely. Bravo to you.

  8. You are doing fine with this project. I really liked the nature mosaic with the sea shells and the one with the berries and the pinecone. We have horrible lighting in our house so I don't think I would even attempt "still life" photography.

  9. I found this prompt more challenging than the others too...It was trying to find a place to hang it mostly...I'm just not that used to it! I love what you came up with...that's a camellia? Gorgeous! And I love those stacked mystery books....Nancy Drew?


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