Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Finds & Random 5 Friday

I think I'm becoming addicted to vintage glass! I get so tired of everything packaged in throw away plastic. When is the last time you opened a jar of canned vegetables or homemade jelly or even drank a soft drink from a glass bottle?  I know, I know things are easier and cheaper to produce in plastic, but I do miss the feel and look of glass. This week when rummaging around a flea market I found these glass jars and bottles that just had to come home with me.
1) A milk bottle to hold lovely spring flowers.
2) Clear Mason jar  manufactured after 1942. In 1942 the war board required all glass manufacturers to adopt a rounded-square shape because they determined that it was the most efficient shape to contain a volume.
3) The blue Mason jar was manufactured somewhere between 1923 and 1933.
4) The red ink bottle is from between 1967 and 1974 manufactured by the Wheaton Glass Co. of Millville, N.J.
5) The clear ink bottle was manufactured by Parker around 1942,
Fun day...Fun finds!

Now on to Friday 5 Random Facts
Fact  #1
This is not my flower!
I have no flowers blooming right now! My mother has jonquils blooming, but although I live near her, mine are barely poking their heads out! This purple beauty was at Home Depot!
Fact  #2
If I had to pick a character from a children's book that is most like me...I'd pick the Poky Little Puppy who "keeps his nose to the ground," his "ears cocked up," and his "eyes looking hard at something on the ground in front of him." He loves to be outside, he gets beside himself with excitement when he goes exploring, he looses track of time; and he's often late for meals. I'm not late for meals since I fix them, but I have been late starting the meal. Oh, and the part where he lets his siblings take the blame for the hole...I'm sure there was more than one time that my siblings were blamed for something we all did! (quotes from The Poky Little Puppy by Janette Sebring Lowrey. 1942)

Fact  #3
I bought a new lap top. My old one was having some serious issues. Cool things about it:  it's pink, the keyboard is lit and it's a touchscreen! 
Fact  #4
Frosty, cold mornings are great when you're looking for abstract images filled with texture.
Fact  #5
I enjoy playing the piano. The only time I didn't enjoy the piano was when as a child taking lesson I had to perform at recitals.  I hated them!!  I especially remember one recital where I was to play the "Spinning Song" by Albert Elimenreich. I've never been able to memorize music, but my teacher insisted I play without my book. Play I did. I played the first section, completely forgot the entire second section, and just replayed the first section again. Needless to say, I wasn't her favorite pupil that night.
Additional random fact:  I still have my piano book that this song is in, John Thompson's Third Grade Piano Book. Yes, I can still play it and NO I have never memorized it!!!  Well, it is three pages long with two repeats!! Don't you think that's too much to ask a stubborn sweet little girl!
Have a special weekend!
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  1. Fabulous post!!! I love your old jar and glass finds, especially the ink bottles. Ah, yes, I had to memorize Liebestraum and still have my John Thompson books through Third Grade.

  2. Cathy, Your random glass plus your random facts were great! I, too, have some old glass that I treasure. What were once functional bottles and jars are now exquisite/unusual art objects (I wonder if that applies to us as we age - I hope so!). My Granddaughters love to perform at their recitals - they don't get it from me!

  3. pink?? that sounds like fun. you enjoy the new computer. i know that puppy book - my mom would read it to me all the time as a kid. such great memories. my mom has tons of vintage glasses, jars, etc. they are so pretty. i guess the brother & i will have to share. we will see?!? ( :

  4. Lots of variety in your post. I, too, like old glass jars. Love to look around at Antique Malls and see all the "stuff" that reminds me of my childhood. I have a vintage copy of The Poky Little Puppy from my childhood--loved those Little Golden Books. Mickie :)

  5. Ahhh, yes! Good old John Thompson! How well I remember those lesson books. Campbell's method is something Alfred {I could go down and look but I'm too lazy}, totally different than good ol' John. But she's learning and doing well. Her first recital is May 1, and I know I'll be nervous. Great facts today, Cathy, lots of fun. And vintage glass ... yes, I am so yearning for a blue or turquoise mason jar!!!!

  6. Lots of fun shots here in your random 5, Cathy! I love that first image with the vintage glass -- I'm also a collector and never drink out of plastic. I still have a copy of the Poky little Puppy, a real classic. Your frosty abstract is lovely. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I love your finds. I think I am addict to your Friday finds. Each glass jar, color, shape and size or so different. Love your collection of your Golden Books.

  8. Such beautiful glass jars, I especially like the milk bottle and the aqua Mason jar. I like that little pink heart on the keys of the piano too! Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I so love that Parker ink container and that would have had to be mine for sure as my maiden name is that but I do really like the colored one the best. good finds and facts Cool new puter and way to go on the piano.

  10. I too miss glass bottles. I seem to be attracted to blue or clear. Must admit the I love the red ink bottle! A ink computer? Love the idea although I prefer purple.

  11. How interesting about the square mason jars -- I have several but I didn't know the history. Thank you! xo

  12. What great glass bottles. The two small ones were my favorites. I loved reading about these different bottles.
    We dug up some old Apothecary bottles in my front flower bed once. They are small, skinny and kind of a reddish brown color.
    Great "Random" thoughts. No flowers here yet either although some are up and have buds. It snowed here though last night - Ugh.
    Cool computer, I like that it lights up. I so wish my hubby had bought a touch screen.
    I still have some of my old piano books although I don't play at all now. Coleen will be able to use them. She memorizes really well.

  13. I love glass jars too, and have amassed quite a collection of them. Your daffodil arrangement is lovely, and I am green with envy over your new laptop! :) I enjoyed your post!

  14. Love your old glass collection - for a long time, I collected old salt dips - it was amazing to me to beauty of those tiny glass vessels. And it is so much fun to have a "collection" - because so much of the fun is in the hunt for a new piece. What a great piano memory! Love your heart in the keys - very creativie.

  15. The spinning song. doodle doodle doo do, doot do....I like that one, especially if I could play it fast. I too hated recitals and almost didn't go into music due to my crazy performance anxiety. I had to fight with it right up until my hearing went and I changed careers.
    Pokey puppy was one of my faves, though I didn't remember the words-I'm not a grandmother though.
    And I totally hear you on the glass. I have a theory that plastic is a big cause of cancer-and it's everywhere, bottles, packaging, our computer keyboards, car interiors, medicine containers, etc. I hope I'm wrong. The pieces you've found are lovely-and that's a great still life.
    Lovely random post Cathy. I love to read what you have to say,

  16. Gorgeous, gorgeous glass I love the blue one I so wish I had had piano lessons I suppose I could start now !!!

  17. Love your old glass! I've got a collection too, mainly from a market stall second-hand dealer called Geordie Broon. He's looking out for an old typewriter for me!

  18. I had that John Thompson's book as well when I took organ lessons. Something my mother thought I should do. Needless to say I hated it, my skills do not lie in music :) Love those glass jars, they are very addicting to collect.

  19. What a lovely starter photo. I like that you are celebrating vintage and, as always, I appreciate the history you offer about your subject matter. But next time you are in the grocery store, look for Classico pizza sauce. It comes in an old-fashioned jar that includes lettering and measurements on each side. It's not vintage, but it's a nice reminder of such things.


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