Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Finds & Random 5 Friday

There's no way to know everything about the area in which I live, since it's near a big city, so I follow a couple of Arkansas photographers, not just because I love their work, but because they can point me to interesting areas. That's exactly what happened this week. I follow Cormack Photography's blog where he recently posted a picture of this small covered bridge. I had to go find it!  Which I did!  It's not very far from my home at all. The bridge is near the end of a dead-end road in a neighborhood with the most gorgeous HUGE homes. There's a beautiful little creek that rushes under it. I wish I could have gotten a better side view, but the brush was two heavy on both sides. Even though it's not an old covered bridge it still has a quaint feel to it.
Fact  #1
For those of you who are tired of winter, spring might just be close!  With the warm, sunshiny days my Bradford Pear has started to bud.
Fact  #2
It rained on me one day as I was walking through the woods; a soft spattering of rain, not enough to soak me!
Fact  # 3
This contraption is known by many names: penny smasher, penny crank, penny press, coin smasher, penny pinchers, souvenir press and squished penny machine.  You get the idea? It smashes pennies into souvenirs known as elongated coins.   "The first elongated coins in the United States were created at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois, held in 1893. Coins fall into a rolling mill consisting of two steel rollers pressed against each other with sufficient force to deform the coin. One of the rollers (called the "die") is engraved with a design that imprints a new image into the metal as the coin passes through it." (Thank you, Wikipedia for this great information.)  I remember these machines from early childhood. They used to have one at the Arkansas State Fair Hall of Industry. I don't know if we ever put our money into it...probably not!
Fact  #4
This machine was in a local museum. I put two quarters and one penny into the  machine. The cranks slowly turned, crushed, and imprinted the penny and out dropped the elongated coin. This one has a Purple Heart design.

Fact  #5
I adore glass doorknobs. They remind me of my grandparents' home.  These were on the front door of an old community center that I spotted on my way home from the covered bridge. There's just nothing any more beautiful than the way the glass catches the light.
I am enjoying linking with Kim for Friday Finds and Nancy for Random 5 Friday. I enjoy groups where prompts or themes are given, but these two links, they are just so much fun! I look back over my pictures and share just plain old ordinary random things from my week.


  1. Cathy, What fabulous pics and fun stories! I love the rain drop photo and would love to cross that bridge and take a walk. Enjoy your emerging spring for me!

  2. I liked reading about all your finds, Cathy. I love covered bridges and how lovely to have this one close to you. How wonderful that you can see signs of spring. Here too! That coin machine is fascinating. I love old things like that! I agree that glass doorknobs are just beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend and may the signs of spring continue to multiply!

  3. The covered bridge makes me feel right at home. We have one here in Virginia - and it's on my list of pictures to take. Like you, I love glass door knobs. I have a collection of small crystal items (vases and such), but it's the door knob that steals the spotlight in the collection - even though it's ordinary glass - you're right - it's the way it catches the light. Enjoyed visiting your blog.

  4. fun finds Cathy, my granddaughter always have to have a penny smashed when we see them out and about. Good childhood memory for her to add to a collection.

  5. I liked your blog so much I decided to follow it. Have a great weekend.

  6. The covered bridge I so cute - what a great idea to find photographers in your area! I'm often surprised by some of the things I find close to home that I never knew existed. I really need to get out of my routine more.

  7. I love old glass doorknobs, too. That's a nice shot with the old keyhole and worn texture of the door. Your little covered bridge is a nice find - there's one not too far from me, too, that I've enjoyed photographing before. You've reminded me that I need to wander over that way again soon.

  8. isn't it so great how much neat stuff is usually right in our neck of the woods. i love your random finds. and oh yes...seriously swooning over your glass doorknob find. :)

  9. The glass door knob is so sparkly and pretty. You got some wonderful random finds!

  10. gorgeous covered bridge. i love getting those pennies from our trips. so fun to get a little piece to remember your time there. brings back such great memories too! love the door knob. you don't see those much any more. ( :

  11. Delightful post.
    How neat that you were directed to that lovely covered bridge.
    Those fuzzy blossoms are fun and yes a sign spring is on the way.
    Those coin machines are also a fun thing to do and save as a travel souvenir.
    Loved your glass door knob.

  12. Beautiful shots!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  13. Isn't fun to discover what might be right around the corner? Since I started photographing my home town, I have found so many interesting places. Love your finds and facts. I like glass doorknobs too - just that extra bit of beauty. Love the golden reflections in your image.

  14. Gorgeous images and interesting 5 randoms. I have a penny with the Lord's prayer imprinted on it. :)

  15. I always learn something from you blog. The penny press is really neat. I hope to see the covered bridge. I love the rain drop in the pool of water. Just keep the great shots coming.

  16. Glass door knobs are the best. My grandmother had them in one of the houses she lived in when I was going up. I love the random posts. It seems you can always come up with something.


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