Monday, December 30, 2013

Snow, Beautiful Snow!

This morning I headed out to see my dad in rehab. Yes, he's still there...17 days so far and still unable to go home. He's recovering from his broken hip, but ,oh so slowly! Anyway, when I got in the car, look what I saw on the finally snowed.
When I left dad I quickly walked through a small garden near the rehab center. The garden is called the Psalm 31 Garden. It's a pretty little garden with a small waterfall and a few benches and tables to sit and relax. Today was a little too cold for that.

A dusting of snow made the pansies bow their heads, almost like they were praying.

It trapped leaves,

filled acorn shells,
and covered the benches.

It wasn't a lot, but it was enough to make my day.
I wonder if we'll be getting any more.


  1. Hi Cathy, I love you perspective of snow in these photos. I came by to wish you a Happy 2014. I hope your Dad continues to improve. We have lots of snow in Breckenridge!

  2. Yay! Drew and Josh would be screaming "It's Christmas again!!" Glad you got to enjoy it.

  3. Ah! The first delicate snow at last! It's always so pretty in the country, but gets pretty messy looking here in the town after the first gorgeous, swirling flakes!
    Whatever you do, have a wonderful New Year, Cathy!

  4. I love to see people delighted with snow. I kind of forget that a lot of the world doesn't see it much if ever. Hope your dad continues to improve.

  5. I hope that your dad begins to show improvement soon.
    I am glad you got to see some snow. I hope that we don't get any more. :-)

  6. Such a fine dusting of snow and so very pretty. You do have a gift for seeing the best in everything.

    Happy 2014 to you and your family. Best wishes too for your dad's continued recovery.

  7. You want snow!? Come visit me. I'm willing to share. I'm glad that your father is progressing-albeit slowly. I'm sure it is hard to watch, and frustrating for him.
    For your love of snow...I'm happy for you. Should I only have a dusting now and then, I would like it better too. My fave shot is that one of the trapped leaf. Happy 2014 Cathy.

  8. Glad you took the time to find a garden and taking some pictures. The pansies look like they are praying. Glad you slowed down in 2013 to see things most people don't even know is there.

  9. Thank you for sharing these wonderful images of the light snow -- so pretty! I'd love some snow too, even your mountains have had very little so far. Best wishes for your Dad's speedy recovery. Happy 2014!

  10. What lovely winter shots. I'm enjoying our "snow-less" days here though. Happy New Year!

  11. Wishing your dad the best and hope 2014 will bring continued good health. happy new year Cathy


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