Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Made Simple

Last week was a busy week as I tried to get my house decorated. I decided to put up less stressing. It worked, everything is dressed in holiday spirit and I'm enjoying the season.
I've been keeping up with Picture The Holidays with Big Picture Classes. I just haven't been keeping up with posting them here, so now I have to play catch up!

Sometimes we become so caught up in the commercial aspect, in the hustle and bustle, and trying to have the perfect holiday that we overstress ourselves and take the joy right out of Christmas. It only took a visit to see my grandson, Aaron, to remind me of that. He was showing me his room decorated for Christmas when I spotted this little craft he had made at Sunday School. A very simple manger made out of a brown lunch sack holding Baby Jesus. It hit me so hard, that I've been over thinking and over working the holidays. I need to step back and rethink this holiday thing. Find a simpler and more holy way to celebrate Christmas.
I'm celebrating by being more aware of nature. It's so cold we sometimes rush to get in the warmth of our homes and miss the delights of winter. I found I could enjoy winter through glass and still stay warm.
I'm celebrating with each ornament I hang on the tree. This year I put on less ornaments which gave me time to go hold each one and relive the memories. Stars are a big part of holiday decorations. I have several; sparkly, dazzling, and shiny. This simple homespun one brings simplicity back to Christmas.

Mr. H has his own special ornaments like cute little tools and this tiny replica of our 1940 Ford truck, Old Red.

I can't celebrate without Santa. Even though I try to keep the Birth of Christ foremost in my thoughts, I also enjoy having some Santas around.

My Christmas decorations are very colorful. I love the nostalgic look of Christmas trees with multi-colored lights. My tree is full of them, probably about 1,000 bulbs twined among the branches. I was surprised how much I liked this bowl of vintage ornaments in black and white. I love the way it brings out all the sparkle.

I'm glad I decided to simplify my decorations this year. l have more time to enjoy the moments of Christmas. I hope you're enjoying this holiday season as well!

Don't forget to breathe!!

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  1. Lovely images of what form your Christmas celebrations are taking. I love the replica of Old Red hanging on the tree! Your image in black and white is really nice too! I am b-r-e-a-t-h-i-n-g! Have a wonderful weekend, Cathy!

  2. You are wise to slow down and simplify.....this seems to be a popular meme this month, for good reasons. The colorful images are very festive, but I find the retro look of the B&W very appealing. Enjoy your holiday activities!

  3. There comes a time when we all need to slow down and simplify!

  4. I'm thrilled to hear that I'm not the only one who's simplifying Christmas decorations :) I even bought nothing new, oops sorry just one thing... a poinsetta! Wonderful holiday images, so colorful and festive... but I also love your B&W!

  5. You are a wise woman! {That little cradle craft is priceless!}

  6. What a wonderful message and lesson, Cathy. I love that little cradle so much! It really is the perfect illustration for your theme.

  7. Good advise Cathy, I have been keeping up with the class only with my phone and on Instagram, at this time of year that is easy for me to do and less stress. There is a gallery there for Picture PBC and Picture The Holidays so that is where mine go instead of the website. I have decided to be stress free this year also especially since I have a terrible head cold and cough which is making me feel really terrible. I love that little paperbag Jesus. just brilliant.

  8. Beautiful photos. Love the red truck. The precious ornaments are the best part of decorating.

  9. Such a festive post. I love Christmas decorations and even though my tree is pretty full I still buy new ones each year to add to them.

  10. So much wisdom in these words! And, thanks to you, I was able to finish all of my errands last week so that I can stress less this week! I really like the picture you took out my front door. -Aimee

  11. Simply perfect--referring mostly to your grandson's Sunday School manger. I'm imagining the children hearing the Christmas story as they colored and cut and folded...

    P.S. The other decorations are beautiful as well, especially accompanied by their stories, but I was touched by the simplicity and creativity of that little manger.


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