Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend Walk

This past month I took another class. I can guess that you're not surprised. I do like to take classes. This class, given by Kim Manley Ort, was all about becoming comfortable using a 50mm lens. One of the lessons was on landscape photography. I was trying to figure out where to go and remembered a walking trail around a pretty lake.
I hadn't walked very far when I spotted this pretty white heron, at least that's what I think it is. I'm not a birder, so if you know different let me know! He was standing still not moving a muscle, yet I still didn't get a real crisp image of him. Is it the lens? Probably not, it's probably my shaky hands. A tripod would help, but I just hate to carry one around.

The walking trail goes by a section of beautiful crepe myrtles along a fence row.
And among the crepe myrtles were spider webs. Lots of them! I have the hardest time taking a picture of spider webs. I can never get the light right so the camera will focus on it. I got pretty lucky with this one though.

This is the first time I've ever gotten my reflection in berries. Look closely; there I am near the centers of the berries. Me, repeated seven times!

Although I was out practicing with my 50mm lens, I also carried my little Fuji camera. I have learned from experience that when I don't have my tripod with me, I can count on this little camera to take great macro images despite my hand shaking.
Along with the picture taking, I managed to walk a mile around the lake. Maybe it wasn't great aerobic exercise because I kept stopping, but it was relaxing.

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  1. How fun; I started a journaling class with Susannah today....I'd love to take this class you just finished....

    You really got some great shots.. I love the berries with the reflections...I don't think I have ever seen such shiny berries.....Certainly looks like a beautiful place to walk and take photographs....

  2. Well birder me...that is a Great Egret! Awesome catch! And that spider web is beyond awesome! Wonderful Walk!

  3. Always love your walks Cathy, Denise is right on the bird. A lot of people confuse these two. I think if you had closed down your aperture more to say f8 you would have been fine with getting the Egret more in focus without a tripod. Since you had a bright day your shutter speed should have been high enough to help with any shake of your hands with the higher aperture. Or if the shutter speed is too low try say 5.6 the next time. Whatever it is still a lovely shot.

    They berries are wonderful and hehe on finding you.

  4. Nice shots, Cathy. Some of them I recognize from our 50mm group with Kim. Did you do another course with Susannah Conway on the same lens?
    There is so much to learn in photography, isn't there? But what fun to do it!

  5. I always love my 50mm. I think that is a great class to focus on using just that lens. Love the berry shot and so cool that you got your reflection in the berries.

  6. Such a serene and peaceful place - the perfect environment in which to practice with your 50mm lens. And I had to smile at the thought that a photo walk doesn't qualify as aerobic exercise - isn't that the truth! :) Love your reflective berries and the mirror-image reflection on the water.

  7. I love my 50mm lens too - I use it much more now thanks to Kim's workshop. You walk seems very peaceful - and it's good to slow down and absorb the beauty and detail of your surroundings - your photos reflect this perfectly. Thanks so much for linking to my Weekend Walk blog.

  8. Fabulous job! I love my 50mm compact macro but I'll confess, I use it mostly for close-ups. I like to bring out my bigger lenses for 'walkabouts'. I may have to give this challenge a try!

  9. Cathy, You hit the jackpot on your walk. I LOVE that spider web. I also hate to take the tripod - too much trouble when walking. My excursions tend to be about exercise as well as photography. Love the dragonfly, too. Great shots!

  10. I'd say your walk was worth every step. I especially like the dragonfly image--I don't think I've ever seen a black one.


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