Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Just to refresh your memory...
I took a 50mm lens class in August with Kim Manley Ort.
I visited Hot springs, Arkansas to fulfill a couple of assignments for class. (read about it here)

One of the lessons  pertained to street photography using the 50mm lens.  Street photography as in shooting people!!
But, since I'm the rule-following person that I am, when Kim gave us an assignment of street photography for class, I had to do it!  I always try to do what I'm told, even though my mother would beg to differ!  So, I dutifully walked the streets looking for photo opportunities.

First shot
This cute little boy wandered up next to a bench where I was hiding from people sitting. It's not to bad. It's composed fairly well. I needed to be further back to include what he's reaching for. He was wanting to put his hand in the hot water coming from a spring. That's why the railing is up. The water is 143 degrees. I didn't have to worry about his parents caring if I took his picture, they weren't even in sight. Was he lost?  Nope, his parents finally did arrive. He talked to me for a while as I sat there about the hot water. I couldn't leave him there by himself. I felt like he needed someone to watch over him.  Seriously, in this day and age who in their right mind would not have their child in eyesight at all times!!  Okay, I'm calming down and moving on down the street.

Second shot
Don't get too close and shoot 'em from the back.
Photography sounds violent, doesn't it?

Third shot
Shoot from the hip. That means shooting with your camera low and not up to your eye. That way they won't know you're taking their picture. Well, I thought I'd get more than feet, but this turned out OK. I got her whole shadow and those are cute sandals.

Fourth shot
I'm trying to hide so they won't see me with a camera in my face. Surely they'll think I'm taking a picture of the fountain. Actually, she wasn't paying me a bit of attention. She was talking ninety-to-nothing with wild hand gestures.

I'm going to quit counting shots here.
It really doesn't matter!
This shot has a story behind it. The lady in the light pink had just squatted down to take a picture of something on the bulletin board.  Once she got down, she couldn't get up! Her friends, while laughing, helped her up. Yes, they saw me taking their picture and I had to explain that they reminded me of my sister and I. We are always squatting down for a picture and not being able to get back up. Chalk it up to old knees. We also laugh a lot when we're together!

I call this one Contrast in Transportation.
Seems a little blurry. Yeah, due to nervous shaky hands and the desire to be quick!

I'm relaxing a little and finally looking for interesting things and trying to compose the images a little better. These guys made me smile. How cute are they with her purple hat and his purple fanny pack! They even match the purple bench.

There are a few water stations around Hot Springs where you can bring your own bottles and fill them with the mineral rich hot water that the town is know for. She filled her bottles, put them in the black crates, and then her husband came and carried them to the car. They had a lot of bottles to be filled.

This was the closest I got to anyone. She was so busy texting on her cell phone that she never even knew I was there.
Toward the end I began to look for connections between the people I photographed. This couple was across the street from the historic Arlington Hotel. She was pointing and telling him something about it. I love the way he's leaning in to hear what she has to say.

And finely the last one.
This was taken at a small overlook.
I like the couple eating lunch together, while in the background the young ladies are spending a fun time together.

Like I said, I don't like people photography. I feel like a voyeur. Like I'm eavesdropping or intruding in their space. It also terrifies me. I'm so afraid someone is going to say "hey you, stop taking my picture!"  I did survive and I did begin to slightly enjoy this assignment.  I even felt a little brave!


  1. I enjoyed your street photography, Cathy! I especially like the one of the girl on her mobile phone with flowing hair and how you captured the surrounding view!

  2. If you could have seen me reading your post you would have seen a smile, because I can relate. I love street photography but I don't like to approach people to take their picture or ask if I can do it. So I have to sneak or hide or pretend whatever it is to do it. I can also relate with the knees and as I get older my bending days are getting fewer which is very upsetting to me and photography.

  3. These are great! Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone. I love the contrast in transportation shot and the girl on her phone. And I really love the connections shot you took, love the moment you've captured there. Fantastic. :)

  4. Great job Cathy! You conquered your fear and you survived.

  5. Kuddos to you! I think you are a fabulous people photographer. I LOVE this post!

  6. Great shots! You did a very good job with your street assignment!

  7. I understand ... I think street photography is hard, too. But you did well. My favorite is the gal with the phone. Great comp, great background. It worked really well.

  8. I am proud of your courage in taking your assignment seriously and you did such a good job...I don't like street photography either as I always feel I am taking something that doesn't belong to me...another's privacy.....but you preserved and got some excellent shots....

  9. I think you've done a great job! I like your transport shot & the girl with the phone. But all very good. Good on you for doing what you're told :)

  10. Oh, I so completely understand your feelings about people photography - I feel the same way. And yes, as a fellow rule-follower, if given the assignment, I would have to follow along. But I think you did a great job, capturing lots of interesting moments. High fives from me on being brave.

  11. This is so out of character but I am glad you experienced it. I am not sure I could take pictures of strangers and I can talk to anyone.

  12. Great to you for doing this. I am the same. I am terrified of shooting people, other than my grandchildren (and I always ask them if they mind!) The last two shots I love, the man and woman and the ones seated on stones. Whew! YOU DID IT!!!! Yay, Cathy!!!!


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