Sunday, September 22, 2013

I Sing

I sing the almighty power of God,
That made the mountains rise,
That spread the flowing seas abroad,
And built the lofty skies.

I sing the wisdom
That ordained the sun to rule the day,
The moon shines full at his command,
And all the stars obey.
I sing the goodness of the Lord,
That filled the earth with food;
He formed the creatures with his Word,
And then pronounced them good.

Lord, how thy wonders are displayed,
Wherever I turn my eye,
If I survey the ground I tread,
Or gaze upon the sky!

There's not a plant or flower below,
But makes thy glories known;
And clouds arise, and tempests blow,
by order from they throne;

While all that borrows life from thee
Is ever in they care,
And every where that man can be,
Thou, God, art present there.

We sang this hymn in church this morning and it touched me. God is powerful. God's love is powerful. I give thanks to him. The hymn I sing the Almighty Power of God was written in 1715 by Isaac Watts.
I haven't been anywhere special this week for photography, but, I did wander around close to home and several pictures I took go with the words of this song. I'm linking this to Helen's Weekend Walk at A Flash Of Inspiration.

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  1. That mushroom with light coming through reminds me of a little lamp. An unusual colored shell on the turtle - it looks varnished! All lovely.

  2. Beautiful.
    Thinking of you and yours lots..

  3. What a wonderful song and you made the words come alive. I love the star in the tree, Not sure what you call it, The turtle just great. Well all your shots were great.

  4. Glorious shots of a wonderful Autumn day, thanks for visiting my blog x

  5. Beautiful shots, nicely interpreted. Thank you for putting together such a nice grouping.

  6. I love that mushroom against the light and all the other captures of beauty around you.

  7. Awesome pics and you are right, the song is perfect. It's not one I recognize however.

  8. I have been thinking of you and your family through this time. Wishing you all peace.

  9. Wonderful photos to go with God's Creation and the words of the hymn are perfect.

  10. Wonderful images to go with that powerful hymn, Cathy. Beautiful flare in the tree, so perfect for the words. Wishing you comfort and peace in this difficult time.

  11. I love that Hymn and your photo's certainly reflect the lyrics in a beautiful way.

  12. Close to home - sometimes those are the best images. Love that turtle - peeking out of his home. What amazing patterns on his shell. You have illustrated the powerful words of this hymn so well.

  13. How beautifully you have illustrated one of my favorite hymns! That little mushroom, glowing as if lit from within, took my breath away.

  14. Such stunning images to match that beautiful hym! These images prove that we don't have to leave our own backyards to discover beauty!!

  15. This is so beautiful - both words and images. I love the mushroom - I've been photographing these over the last few weeks but not managed anything as lovely as yours. Thanks for linking up!

  16. this is what you do find the beauty and the wonder in everything. thank you for sharing it.


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