Monday, April 16, 2012

Macro Monday ~ April 16, 2012


Clematis are such beautiful flowers to photograph!
First, the fuzzy buds appear

which unfurl their petals revealing the spidery center.


The shimmery petals reach toward the sun

before they fall off and leave this gorgeous center!
The perfect place to catch droplets of water!



  1. You are having fun with these macro shots! They are amazing!

  2. You have made great art again, I love the second and the last one special, so detailed.

  3. I love clematis and your shots are absolutely beautiful. Love the fuzzy buds - the fuzz almost looks like ice! Gorgeous colours too.

  4. Very dreamy photos! I love that first one how it looks like there is a rainbow in the background and the fuzzy dewdrop one!

  5. This is a gorgeous series, Cathy! I can't pick a favorite -- they are all beautiful. The colors are just lovely!


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