Friday, April 27, 2012

{in the picture} - April 2012

I wish you could come and take a walk with me.
We'd go to Wildwood Park where
there's a lake and lovely gardens.
We could wander along the paths
through the azalea garden.
The scent of the rhododendrons permeate the air!
As we follow the Dogwood Trail
we'll have to use stepping stones
to cross several streams.
We could sit and visit for a spell.
I'm sure we'd have plenty to talk about.
Of course, we'd take our cameras
and spend hours photographing
the beautiful flowers and scenery!
When we get weary we could sit back
and relax in the gazebo by the lake...
 and watch the swans.

If we could walk together,
I'd be so happy I would twirl.


  1. Lovely set of pictures, the swan is AMAZING!!

  2. What a beautiful place to walk and feel nature all around. How fun it would be to walk with you and take pictures and enjoy all this. I would even twirl too from happiness!! LOVE THIS CATHY!!

    I only walk at the school track so this is so awesome to see.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I love that photo of the swan. Stunning! I would certainly enjoy taking that walk with you. Sounds perfect! :)

  4. Looks like a lovely place to walk- you're looking so relaxed in these shots, Love the twirl!

  5. thank you for taking me along on this walk with you. these shots are wonderful and i really LOVE that last twirling one--fantastic!! thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!

  6. lovely pics & write-up, cathy! i would love to come take a walk with you...great idea by the way to actually take us on the walk through photos & prose...i may have borrow that idea! :-) and i love the twirling one!

  7. Cathy this is great! I wish I could walk there with you!


  8. I felt like I was with you, Cathy. Lovely set of images of your park -- and you look so happy being there. That swan image is very special! Your last selfie looks like such fun!

  9. A lovely way to fulfil the challenge Cathy. I walked with you every step.

  10. Oh, Cathy, I wish we could. I can just imagine sitting with you on that bench, chatting away. I love that photo of you, and the one by the edge of the lake, too. It looks like a lovely, peaceful spot.

  11. I love the serenity of the place and the swan pic is lovely!

  12. Such a beautiful looking place, I'd love to come with you! Love the shot where you are sitting by the lake and your twirl! Great set.

  13. You are putting me to shame. You and the other girls have done such fab jobs with their selfless. You look co comfy in your chair and your doing the “twist” down the walkway put a big smile on my face. Loved your post. genie

  14. Beautiful, peaceful photos.
    (visiting from in the picture)


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