Saturday, April 28, 2012

Leap Into Spring ~ Rain/Water

Our theme this week for Leap Into Spring was rain or water. Since there's been no rain, it has to be water!! I attended a retreat this weekend and had a very hard time staying inside! I took several breaks with my camera.  This is a little creek that flows along the edge of their property.

Water reflections always fascinate me! I love the small clouds peeking over the trees.

The view from our bedroom window!

Clover was growing along the banks of the lake.
You can tell the wind was really blowing this day!

My sister and I even lay down in the clover
and soaked up a little sun!

I hope you're getting the chance to enjoy your spring!

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  1. Blue skies, I remember that's where they've gone to! Lovely photos especially the middle one. Suzy x

  2. Amazing how calm and perfect the reflection on one day, and how ruffled the water was on another. I love the shot of your knees! :)


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