Thursday, July 22, 2010

Watermelon Pincushion Finished

I love my Viking sewing machine. I use if for machine quilting and any sewing projects I might be working on. The sound of this machine at work is like music to me. I shopped around looking and trying many machines. I almost bought a Brother which I did like, but it was a little complicated to use. Then I found this one. When I first heard it as I sewed on it in the store, I said, "THIS IS IT!!" Very simple machine to use. I've only looked at the owners manual a couple of times. And that was when I couldn't remember which way the thread started on the bobbin. Everything is at my fingertips. No menus that you have to scroll through. Love it!! Love it!!

Now, on the pincushion. I quilted the rind section with a meandering pattern. I'm new to machine quilting, and my meandering looks a little rough, but I think it turned out nicely. I definitely need more practice!!

Then I quilted the fruit section of the watermelon by cross hashing. Much easier, just sew point to point! How to you like this hand shot? I like the self-timer button my camera. But you should have seen the setup to get this angle. Ironing board, box and leaning camera. Where there's a will there's a way!

After the quilting was finished , the pieces were cut out and beads added for the seeds. I didn't have any large beads, so I attached two together. I like the look, it makes them longer like a seed.

Here's the finished pincushion. It is rather large, but I like it. I won't really use it for collecting pins. It's just an addition to my collection! I'll post some pictures of my other pincushions soon.
The old machine in this picture is a treadle machine. It is one that my Grandfather had. It's not my Grandmother's, but just one he picked up some where. He was always bring something home. It doesn't work, it needs a new belt. Someday I may see if I can get it to working.

I enjoyed embroidering around the edge. It's been awhile since I've done any.
I've already begun my next project. It's another pincushion. This one will look like a bee skep, with a couple of bees on it, It also sits on a clamp, so you can attach it to a table.
Pleasant day to you!!

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  1. I'm impressed with your photography. Watch out Pioneer Woman, here comes Gramma! At first I thought that daddy was taking pictures for you! Very creative!


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