Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary

July 21, 1972

Thirty-eight years ago today, Jerry and I were married. How time has flown, how we have changed. We were so young, Jerry 20 and me 19. We met at my best friend's birthday party on Halloween, 1968. There was just something there between us from the beginning. He held my hand as everyone walked from the party location to a friend's house where our parents were. We wanted to date, but I was only 15 and couldn't date until I turned 16. So he drove me home from church (parents right behind us) and then came over to my house on Sunday nights. Jerry was the only boy I ever dated. My one and only love since Junior High. No married life is ever without problems and heartaches, but we weather them with God's help and our love for each other. We are truly blessed with two wonderful children, their spouses, and four grandsons. We give thanks to God for his blessings in our life.

I heard this song yesterday, and thought it fits us perfectly!


There is a reason and there is a season for everything in God's plan

He holds the key to our lives in eternity, and I know I'm held in his hand

And I'm thankful to God for these blessing I see

And I thank Him for knowing my wants and my needs

And I'm thankful that you're here to share them with me

I will forever be yours

I will forever be yours

I've waited patiently praying to God that he'd send me a husband like you

To hold me through good times and help me through bad times

sharing the truth of God, too

And with love and affection our house made a home

With God's hand of protection, by his grace alone

I will walk close beside you and as we grow old

I will forever be yours

I will forever be yours

What God hath joined let no man put asunder

As Christ loves the church, I'll love you

The vows we have spoken will never be broken

Our love for each other is true

God has joined us together to be husband and wife

To be faithful in marriage for the rest of our lives

And to care for each other till the day that we die

I will forever be yours

I will forever be yours

Written and sung by Richard & Janet


  1. What a touching post! Thanks for being an example of how a marriage should be! Love you guys!

  2. I enjoyed reading this. Your recounting of when you two met was beautiful. I see a lot of similarities between your beginning and mine and Randy's. I hope someday I will be lucky enough to have been married to your wonderful son for 38 years.


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