Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trouble In Blog Land

I may not be a blogger after all. I am not computer savvy!! Yesterday's post took forever. First, I scanned the wedding pic to my computer. Then, when I tried to import it, wouldn't work. Blog only takes things like jpegs, not scans, I guess. Anyway, got creative and took a pic of the wedding pic. Now, that works! Wrote the sappy stuff and tried to import the more recent pic. Guess what, it imports this picture above the wedding pic. And, you can't move them around. What gives with that? You should be able to right? Nope, after checking FAQ's. the advice is import them from last to first or go into Html. Which is beyond me and looks scary! Ok, so I delete the wedding pic and reimport above recent. Are you following? Next, I need to move the sappy stuff under wedding pic. Can't do that either. Had to retype it. Now time to add the song. Thought it would look cute centered. Well, when I did, it put two spaces between each line, kind of strings out the song. Went in and took out all the spaces twice, but no luck getting those out. They're still there! Since I worked on it Tuesday, I set the time to post early in the morning. Got up. No post. I didn't specify the date!! Well you know, I might just try this some more. Surely I can learn from my mistakes. Maybe this will get easier. Did you notice there is no picture this time? Will try that again on my next post.


  1. That's hilarious! If it makes you feel any better, the anniversary post is great and I couldn't tell that you had any problems. Way to fix the problems! Haha!

  2. Yeah really, if you wouldn't have told us, no one would have ever known!


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