Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Favorite Place

I recently discovered that February is National Library Lovers Month.

"The entire month of February is dedicated to the people who love whole buildings devoted to the reading, housing, organizing, categorizing, finding, studying and otherwise loving books." (source)

February is a great month to devote to libraries, books, and reading, since we are usually stuck inside a little more due to the weather. I decided to visit the library and take my camera along for some pictures.

I headed to the children's section first. I knew I could find special books there. Children's books take a lot of wear and tear. You can readily see the ones that have been read many times.

The little board books are kept in bins on a low shelf. I wonder how long these stay in the correct bin!

I am fortunate that there are eleven libraries within thirty minutes of my home. I have visited everyone of them. Each has its own personality and beauty. Some have walking paths nearby, some have exhibit rooms for art, some have comfy nooks to spend some quiet time, and one has only children's books.

I'm addicted to checking out books. I tell myself the whole way to the library that I only need to check out a couple of books, but then I get there, I weaken, and go home with four to six. I think that's because checking out two books is just to quick. I need to spend more time roaming the shelves

In celebration of libraries and books here's a couple of websites you might find interesting. Just click on the blue words to be magically transported to their websites.

There is a book-shaped mural on a grain silo in Incheon, South Korea that is supposed to be the world's largest mural.

There's also book-like benches in Poland.

We have holidays for just about everything now, but I am glad there is a special day for those of us who love libraries. I hope you'll make a point to stop by your local library this month.

"The only thing you
absolutely have to know
is the location of the library."
~ Albert Einstein


  1. Lovely- a shared passion, and love the Einstein quote

  2. I have good memories of the library from childhood but rarely use them now-a-days. That doesn't mean I have stopped reading , just that I use an e-reader - lol. Super pics Cathy.

  3. Well, as a retired librarian, I have to say this is probably my favorite post of yours, Cathy! Eleven libraries nearby--oh, you are so very lucky! Your photos made me a bit "homesick" for my career--how very lucky I was to have called the library my "home away from home" for almost 30 years :)

  4. loved seeing your photos of well loved books.
    I love libraries.....

  5. I already left a comment here, but I see that it didn't take! So I'm trying again!
    I love seeing all the different aspects of your library! They're such exciting places to visit with exciting adventures and stories chattering along the shelves! As a child and teenager in England, I loved going to the library very often! That last book with very thick pages is fascinating!

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