Sunday, August 6, 2017

Scene & Story - July 2017

I love this lake.
The water is still.
There's no one in sight.
It's quiet here.
All I hear are birds and frogs.
I have to dream about walking along it's banks
or dipping my hand in the cool water.
I dream of rowing a small boat across the lake to the opposite shore
where there's a pretty extension bridge and a garden.
But, dream is all I can do.
This is Marylake which is in front of a Carmelite Monastery
and surrounded by iron and rock fencing.
Even though I can't get any closer, I come here for the calm.
July was active and even stressful at times.
I needed to get away by myself;
to just stand and listen and dream.
I knew just where to go.

I'm linking today with Scene & Story hosted
by Sarah and Lee.

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  1. I love the shape of your sparse words to describe this photo. Beautiful image. Poetic description.

  2. It is a beautiful lake and fence, even though you are kept out. I can feel the calm.

  3. The fence that keeps it private is probably part of the reason it remains so calm. Your photo and your words are both beautiful, and I'm glad you have this lovely place to refresh your spirit.

  4. A beautiful scene and lovely words as you talk about the area of peace in which you can resource yourself, Cathy.

  5. I could spend hours at this spot and, like you, there would be lots of daydreaming involved.

  6. Beautiful lake..I know the feeling..To love a pretty nature area that is fenced off..

  7. What a wonderful place to come and decompress! Just looking at the calm of this beautiful lake would fill you with inner peacee

  8. The water is so still, resembling a glass mirror. The fence is a nice contrast. Beautiful place and photo.

  9. It is a beautiful lake and fence, even though you are kept out. I can feel the calm.


  10. still water always makes for beautiful pictures!! i know you like your alone time, this looks like a great spot!!!

  11. I can understand so well that you love this place and come here to find some calm and peace - and to come alone. How very beautiful.

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