Sunday, July 2, 2017

Scene & Story - June 2017

It was on the ground under the shade of a tree, close to a small lake where geese played and swans glided across the water. It was waiting; waiting to be picked up and a wiggly worm put on its hook. It was waiting for its line to be cast into the lake where it’s red and white cork would bobble in the water until some unsuspecting fish snatched at the worm and the cork would quickly sink under water.

The highlight of many of my childhood summers included a week spent with my Uncle Harry and Aunt June. They had no children of their own, but each summer they welcomed not only me, but several cousins as well. Most summers there were at least six of us. I look back and wonder how they every survived the week!

Among the traditions of the week was fishing in the pond across the road from their house. It was in the middle of a cow pasture, but my uncle always mowed us a path to the pond. The boys would go looking for worms and then we’d all get our poles and hike down the path. I remember . . .

Uncle Harry patiently baiting our hooks,
casting my line,
watching the cork float in the water,
the smell of hot grasses,
cows mooing,
the heat of the sun,
the chorus of crickets and frogs,
straw hats,
itchy legs from bugs and chiggers,
the excitement when my cork began to bobble,
Uncle Harry with his camera around his neck taking our picture when we caught a fish,
the smell of frying fish for supper.

But, most of all I remember the joy of being with my favorite aunt and uncle and the love they gave us all. I miss them both so very much. I’m thankful for these childhood summer memories that came flooding back when I saw a pole, a line, and a cork under a shade tree.

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  1. Your Uncle Harry and Aunt June sound like my Uncle Henry and Aunt Ella, I loved visiting them and when they came to visit us. Your story tells a fabulous story all by itself, but the words stirred many memories. Thank you!

  2. This story is so wonderful, Cathy. I love when childhood memories are triggered. I hope my Grands have many memories filed away to bring them joy later in life. Happy 4th to you!

  3. I love the old-fashioned bamboo fishing pole in your photo, but even better are the memories it stirred for you. Since I had no extended family when I was growing up, I've always enjoyed living vicariously through other people's stories, whether real or fiction. Your description is so vivid, it fills all my senses and I can imagine being there.

  4. What lovely memories you have of your time spent with Uncle Harry and Aunt June! I love the simple fishing rod lying in the moss!

  5. A lovely memory for you and I am sure your cousins. I wonder how many kids today will have memories like that instead of just memories of video/computer games.

  6. What A wonderful story!!! What a special Uncle and Aunt they must have been.

  7. Such lovely and sweet memories! It's wonderful to have such a sweet uncle and aunt who would dedicate their time to their nieces and nephews.

  8. Sounds like some wonderful memories were created there. I could almost smell the fish frying. What an amazing aunt and uncle to have so many cousins for a week in the delightful place

  9. such a sweet story!! i have many childhood fishing memories and none of them are good!! i hated fishing!!

    having a sweet aunt and uncle, who can shower you with all their attention - how wonderful - special people for sure!!!

  10. What sweet memories--your aunt and uncle sound like very loving people!

  11. Uncle Harry and Aunt June sound like special people! It's wonderful that you have these happy memories! I bet they had no idea they were creating these for their nieces and nephews to last a lifetime.

  12. Your words painted the perfect picture of fishing on a summer day! Thanks for sharing!


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