Friday, February 10, 2017

Something New

I can take picture of nature over and over again. I delight in spending time outside discovering the beauties of things like mushrooms, rocks, water, trees, and such. There's always something new each day to discover. But, taking pictures of nature limits my experiences, so I tried something different. Something I have never done. I took my camera to the grocery store and enjoyed the beauty and smells of fruits and veggies.

If you know me very well, you know this is totally NOT ME! I am one of those people that never wants to call attention to myself. I definitely don't want to stand out. Just let me be a wallflower and I will be happy. Taking my camera out in a grocery store and taking pictures was very hard for me to do. I was uncomfortable and slightly nervous. The thought that circled round and round in my head was "what will people think?" There was one lady that looked at me very strange several times, but I just smiled, ducked my head, and kept taking pictures. I honestly expected a call over the store's speaker any moment "security to the produce department!"

After a few pictures I did become more relaxed strolling down the aisle looking for color, shapes, and textures.

I survived the experience. No one confiscated my camera or sent me running for the door. As I walked outside to my car, there was a smile on my face. I'd done it! I'd been brave and I had pictures to prove it! 

Changing up what we normally do, might be scary, (this certainly was for me!) but new experiences can refresh and inspire. That's not only true in photography, but in everyday life. We need to get away from our ordinary and try new experiences. It could be as simple as driving a different way to work or reading a book in a genre that we normally don't read. 

I not only came home with a better attitude about myself and a few pictures, I came home with some delicious looking fruit!  

* * * * *

I'm working through Kim Manley Ort's book Adventures In Seeing. This week's assignment was opening ourselves up to a different type of photography and experience.


  1. Cathy, this is wonderful and I'm very proud of you because I know what a challenge this would have been for you. I feel self-conscious in the grocery store just taking a quick shot with my iPhone! You did get some great shots! I smiled at that last one. At first I thought you'd rewarded yourself with some alone time in the woods - then I realized it was broccoli! :-)

  2. You certainly captured something new, Cathy, and some gorgeous shapes and colours too! That green apple looks so juicy and I love the way you gave it selective focus on the core! Well done for your outing and overcoming your discomfort!
    I once started taking pictures of beautiful displays of food in a store and I was told to stop! Oops! I apologized, of course and it put me off for a while!

  3. "Security in produce!" I love it! I totally know how you feel, Cathy. I've yet to do this, I keep telling myself I will. It took a long time for me to get used to taking photos in public, on photo walks. Going with groups of photographers helped that and so now I pretty much do it without giving it a second thought.

    Good for you, Cathy H.! Good for you!

  4. I was so impressed with your photos. The stems looked like they were coming out of my computer screen. I am proud that you are branching out of your comfort zone.

  5. Good for you! It is so hard to do, but so rewarding in the long run. Plus I think it is really good for our brains to have to figure new things out, problem solve, and be tentatively courageous!

  6. Ha ha--you sound just like me, Cathy! I am always happiest in the background and avoid calling attention to myself at all costs :) But, I'm glad you stepped outside of your comfort zone and took these lovely photos for us--especially love the one of the peppers.

  7. what a clean and tidy food store, photographed beautifully!!! i enjoyed all of your images - the last image, the leaf, is gorgeous!!


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