Sunday, February 5, 2017

I'm Stuck

I was all ready for this new year to begin. I'd truly had enough of 2016! I had plans for 2017. I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish and projects I wanted to work on. I was ready for the new beginning. Well, here it is February and I've just been stuck. Stuck at doing very little. Just like this little feather, I'm getting nowhere!

I don't know what really when wrong with my plans. It could be the upheaval our world is in. It's so discouraging. Or, it could be the awful virus that Jerry and I have had since Christmas. No matter what we do, we can't seem to shake it. We've both been to the doctor, taken steroids and antibiotics for sinus infections, and we're still under the weather. My attention span is short and my "want to" is gone!

I decided to really look hard at January and at least find a few things I've accomplished.
  • I've kept up my daily Bible reading. I read the New Testament last year and now I'm reading the Old Testament which is much harder. I can't pronounce all those names!
  • I've posted four times on this blog and twice on Focus On Life. Here's a link to the two posts I wrote over at Focus On Life, if you'd like to read them. More Good Than Bad and The Beauty Of Winter.
  • I've gone on four photography outings and that's a very good accomplishment!
  • I've read a lot. There's nothing wrong with that.
  • I've worked seven jigsaw puzzles. Yes, seven, with a head that's pounding that's about all I can do when I can't focus on reading!

Looking at the whole picture, maybe it hasn't been too bad. I am doing something, but I just seem to be muddling through with no direction or real focus; just wasting time. As I begin this month, I'm hoping for more purpose and more direction. I'm hoping a mighty wind will come by, blow out the cobwebs (and the virus), and blow me back on course!!

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  1. I can echo your words. I have had such plans for this year too, and was so ready to say good-bye to 2016, not the best year on many levels, but I too seem stuck. The ideas are all there it is the implementing and staying caught up where I am struggling, and once I get behind I tend to give up. The weird hot and cold that we are experiencing here in Michigan is doing nothing good for my sinuses. I think you got a lot done in January and hopefully listing it all out helped you to see that.

  2. Everything is more difficult when you're not feeling well. It seems as though you've done much more than you thought. I understand what it's like to feel as though you're not doing what you planned - it can be so discouraging. Maybe a little detour is in order - taking a little time to recuperate and get back to where you want to be. I love the way you used the feather to express yourself - and hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. I'm confident that you will get "un-stuck" and be able to resume your life as you wish. For me, the hardest thing to endure is that feeling of being stuck and wondering if you will ever get out of the rut. And personally, I'm hoping that Sarah and Leon's "Scene and Story" will give me enough incentive to get out of my own rut!

  4. Well, Cathy, I'm right there with you in the "no get up and go" category. Not because of illness but because of other issues, which you know about.But I keep thinking I'm ready to turn the corner and I sincerely hope that will happen sooner rather than later - for both of us! And, Jerry, too! xo

  5. You know, I think there are times like this. What you describe here is familiar to me - sometimes we have to live through these weeks when we think we're just wasting time and don't feel too well. I call them the "drought periods in life", knowing that the rain will come (we just experienced this here in California after 4 years of drought, so it's true). I hope and wish for you that this annoying virus will go away sooner than later and you will find your old self again. And I do think you got a lot done in January!

  6. When I saw your title and looked at the photo, my first thought was of a gentle wind coming along to lift that feather and send it on its way. You know, even nature has its fallow season, when everything gets to rest and build reserves of strength for the growing season to come. I think a lot of us are feeling as you do now. It seems to me that you did quite a lot in January, especially for having been ill, and I know you carry other burdens, too. Be tender with yourself and you will soon be flying on course again. xo

  7. I love that little feather resting in the branches even though it is momentarily entangled, a gust of wind will soon have it floating on its way. It's rotten having a virus and feeling under the weather with a virus for so long and despite that you've managed to accomplish many things it seems to me. So let your plans float a little, just like that feather did before it came to rest. It is good to listen to the body's needs so that healing may take place - there will be a time when you are able to plan again! Sending well wishes your way!

  8. If your virus is anything like the one that hit our home, it seems to take a while to get over. If could be that things seem stuck, but maybe it's just because the body is healing. It's clear to me that you've been able to keep your sense of humor - that's a really good thing. Offering up a prayer for restoring your health - for you and Jerry too.

  9. Beautiful photo and honest words. My favorite part: "I've read a lot. There's nothing wrong with that." It made me smile.

  10. Your list of accomplishments is longer than you realize, especially with a virus. But I hear where you are coming from, I was sick the first 2 weeks of January and felt sluggish for another week. It is hard to get into the swing of a new year when you feel terrible. I hope you feel more like yourself soon.

  11. I've gotten used to plans being derailed. Maybe all you are supposed to be doing is soaking in God's words and healing. :)

  12. I think we all have times like this, Cathy... I'd say you have a lot to be proud of as I read over your January accomplishments. I think we all tend to be too hard on ourselves (as women) and I think we need to give ourselves permission to "just be" sometimes. For me, looking around at the beauty of the world of nature always brings a sense of peace and wonder and is immensely helpful :)


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