Friday, November 25, 2016

Where Do They Fall

"And softly through the altered air
hurries a timid leaf."
~ Emily Dickinson

Not all those timid leaves fall to the ground.

Some fall among bare branches.

Some fall among the thorns.

 Some fall on top of berries.

Some fall on top of leaves.

Some fall behind the fence wires.

Some fall on top the barbed wire.

Some fall into sticky webs.

Some fall into prickly needles.

Wherever they fall,
they take my breath away!


  1. Me too, Cathy! Beautiful images of where all those leaves fall ... not always on the ground! Such a sweet quotation by Emily Dickinson.

  2. Such lovely captures and isn't it so nice to think of different ways to photograph leaves. You have done that so well Cathy.

  3. Such a lovely post, Cathy! I thoroughly enjoyed it :)

  4. beautifully done, your photography is just stunning! you have a great eye!!

  5. I've been taking photos of leaves like these the past few days, too. But I have to say, yours have landed in many more interesting places than mine! Great spotting -- such a fun post.

  6. Such neat finds. Looks like you enjoyed the project.

  7. Love how you've captured their different landing spots!

  8. here i am again - this could be one of my favorites!!

  9. Awesome captures of the captures :) I miss our leaves already.


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