Friday, November 18, 2016

Seeking Color

I anxiously await as I go through the long hot summer for cooler days and the brilliant colors of fall. Only this year in Arkansas, it didn’t happen. There are a few trees that have some color, but overall we didn’t get fall colors. We’ve had an abnormally warm fall and have been very dry which has caused the leaves on the trees to just turn brown, curl up, and fall to the ground. As far as fall colors go, this year was a bust! So, I had to turn to other things for autumn color such as pumpkins and mums. I knew just where to look for them . . . Garvan Woodland Gardens.

Not only were there pumpkins and mums, but the azaleas were blooming and the coleus was beautiful.

Notice in the picture below how green everything is. Of course, the garden is watered daily, but my goodness this is the middle of November and everything is still so very green. The plants are loving the warm temperatures.

It was quite a busy day at the gardens. I almost waited too late to see any fall colors, they were quickly being replaced by Christmas lights and decorations. The garden begins its Christmas light show this week. It was quite a challenge to take autumn pictures without Christmas lights in them. 

The Camellia trail was quite beautiful and led to the end of the garden where there’s a spectacular view of Lake Hamilton.

Well, I finally got my fall color fix, so I’m ready to move on. In fact, after watching with fascination, the Christmas decorations being put up I’m ready to go back and see the lights. I’m going to wait a couple of weeks, hoping it will be colder. It just doesn’t seem right to walk through a Christmas wonderland of lights in a T-shirt, capris, and sandals!

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed,
and to have my senses put in order."
~ John Burroughs


  1. I enjoyed the green gardens and flowers and the fall color as well. It's been a strange fall.

  2. Your pictures sure turned out great. A lot to look at the Garden.

  3. Wonderful images of your still green autumn and that Camellia is gorgeous! A fantastic view over Lake Hamilton. What a lovely outing! I'm not ready for Christmas lights yet either!

  4. It has been 68 degrees here the last two days. I wore sandals yesterday. But tomorrow it is suppose to rain and snow and only be 40 degrees for a high. Still it has been a glorious fall here in Michigan.

  5. You found some wonderful spots of color, Cathy! We, too, had a lack of reds in our fall foliage. On the other hand, the oranges were more brilliant than I've ever seen.

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend and a blessed Thanksgiving with your family :)

  6. I'd say you got a wonderful fix of color. Here in NC, my Camellia bushes are loaded and just gorgeous as well as my knock out roses. It's been so warm that we still have plenty of leaves on the trees but I image that will change this week as we are expecting colder temps and some wind.....I can't wait to see your photographs from the gardens all filled with lights.....

  7. I would have to say that Autumn has been about the same here but I have seen some pretty Fall color. I especially enjoyed the second one, what a beautiful, colorful display!!

  8. We have had a hot fall also, and only now has it turned a wee bit cooler. Global warming for sure across this land. Your images are beautiful as always Cathy.

  9. What gorgeous colors you found, Cathy! Sorry you didn't have the colorful foliage this year, but what a beautiful garden to visit. We've had a very warm fall too, with just a few colorful trees here and there. Happy Thanksgiving!


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