Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ordinary Summer Days

My days have fallen into a routine. Early each morning I go outside to do a little walking, water my plants, and take a few pictures while it’s still relatively cool! Cool meaning below 80. It doesn't take long for the sun to rise above the trees, the temperature to go up, the humidity to increase, and the dew sparkling on the grass to dry.

The last couple of weeks, it’s felt like I’m living in Florida. You know how along the coast those afternoon storms roll in with huge billowy clouds? We’ve had the same thing; storms rolling in each afternoon, heavy showers, and amazing lightening. The rain combined with warm nights has caused an abundance of mushroom to pop up across the yard. 

Each day I discover new ones, some tiny and some the size of a dinner plate. All unique with almost perfect symmetry, fascinating textures, and earthy colors. Each day they grow a little more, slowly opening like a beach umbrella. It’s fascinating to see what’s in the shade of those umbrellas. Sometimes there’s a little “baby” mushroom trying to find space to grow.

After the short morning walk around the yard, I lock myself inside where the air-conditioning and fans are running nonstop! So now what do I do with the rest of my day? I usually spend a little time catching up on the Internet; blogs, Facebook, and Flicker, then I turn to more productive things.

My project for the summer is deep cleaning my cluttered craft room. I started with the closet, pulled everything out, and began sorting; serious sorting. At this stage in my life I’m never going to do all those projects I thought I would do some day. There aren’t enough some days left, so I’ve filled boxes and boxes of stuff to take to a donation center. Here’s some things that made me wonder at my sanity: millions of wiggly eyes, a bag of styrofoam balls, remnants of very old fabric, articles I’ve ripped out of magazines, metal buttons that you cover, and 32 wood pieces. I'm sure I had good plans for these things once upon a time! The things I kept were scrapbooking supplies, cross stitch supplies, and a few quilt projects. This week I finished the closet and moved on to the cabinets and bookshelf. I’m feeling good about my craft room. I might even be able to find something in there now without a lot of searching!

In the evenings I have started cross stitching again. I’m working on a set of little bird pillows one for each month of the year. So far I’ve stitched seven and finished four pillows. I haven’t stitched seriously in a long time. I have forgotten how relaxing it can be to push the needle through the fabric in a slow, repetitious motion.

So that’s about it. That’s what my summer days are like. Except for going to church and to the grocery story, I’m home in the cool. That being the case, I’m not taking many pictures, only one a day. With no adventures in sight, I feel like now would be a good time to take a blogging break. I need it. I don’t think I’ve taken a break since I began my blog six years ago. I’ll still be around on Facebook, Flicker, and reading your blogs, I just won’t be posted here for the rest of August.

So, I’m wishing all of you a wonderful end of your summer. I’ll see you when the weather begins to cool, the leaves start to fall, and I’m back to wandering.

Happy August!


  1. A break can be good. Enjoyed the shots.

  2. Well are are busy with some fun blog entries these days! I'm glad they pop up on my blogger roll so that I can visit you each time!
    I love that first dewy picture and all that renewed interest in cross-stitching sounds wonderful. I used to do so much of it some years ago before I really got into crochet!

    You are so fortunate to have air-conditioning, Cathy. When it's hot and humid here, I just move as little as possible and sit in front of the fan to cool down. Walks are very early mornings and sometimes in the evenings too when it cools down enough. Roll on September!

  3. Happy August Cathy. Thanks as always for taking us on your walks. Enjoy you time.

  4. Now that's a REAL "August break," Cathy. It also sounds like a wonderful way to spend your hot, humid summer days. Enjoy it, and we'll be looking forward to seeing you again in the fall. xo

  5. The days have been like that here too. I hate it as much as you do. Blogging breaks are good, I usually come back refreshed and full of new ideas. I need to clean out my art room like that too, that will be my winter project.

  6. i enjoy a good, deep cleaning project. it will feel awesome when it's all done. i hope you are taking pictures, there's nothing better than a good before and after!!

    your days sound a bit like mine, it's just too hot outdoors for me to accomplish much of anything or enjoy much of anything!!!

    the first image is a beauty, really special!!!

  7. Oh, I'm so happy to read that you've been stitching again, Cathy! I just love those little birdy finishes you've shown us.

    Can't imagine your heat! We have cooled off a bit in Pennsylvania and it is making for some delightful sleeping weather at night :) Hope your August is a good one!

  8. It is always a joy to come here Cathy and see what you have been up to. My life is very much routine but I love routine always have. Love those little birds and your needlework. While others do most of their cleaning and organizing during the winter I do mine at this time of year when it is too hot to go outside. Not much blooming in my yard at this time. I have been doing a lot of online classes at this time and a lot of reading. Really enjoyed my summer in those regards. Also cleaning and purging of rooms. That is always a good thing as Martha would say. Have a good time this summer in the AC it looks like you have been very productive.

  9. Summer is my favorite creative time too, and I love the bird cross-stitch! I've been having the same sort of thoughts about the contents of my sewing room... I know there isn't time to start all those fun projects, and maybe it's time to pass some things off to the younger generation (if they'll have them). Doll-making supplies, teddy-bear patterns and supplies, tole painting, stenciling... all taking up room. I've already given fabric to a niece who designs beautiful clutch handbags and zipper pouches, and that's a start I guess. But I haven't tackled the rest. I've been too busy cutting out fabric for quilt kits, and sewing. So maybe this winter I'll start clearing out. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Our schedules are so similar....early morning for anything outside and inside projects the rest of the day. I have been reading and knitting alot this summer and I am afraid my photography has suffered. Enjoy your break and I'll look forward to seeing you soon....

  11. Your cross stitch brought back memories. I've passed all my yarn and pattern books on to my granddaughter. A place for everything and everything in its place always makes me feel good, too. I love the mushroom photos. We have many now, too, because we've been getting lots of rain. Our storms roll through in the afternoon, so I try to get out in the mornings. Today it was in the high 30's when I left, and I had to wear my pink puffy jacket! I'll blow some cool air your way, Cathy!


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