Monday, April 11, 2016

Pollen Count

"Spring is in the air!" 
Literally in the air.
I'm not kidding.
It is most certainly in the air.

The mighty winds are blowing through the pines and oaks.
Large clouds of yellow float across the sky.
The air is full of pollen.

The flowers and everything else are covered with a blanket of yellow.

Of course, the bees don't mind.
Seems the pollen doesn't make them sneeze!
At least I've never heard a bee sneeze!
This big bee was quite happy covered in pollen from his head to his "toes!"

Spring in Arkansas is not the best time to take macro photographs of flowers. You have to deal with the pollen. You can try to brush it away, but most likely you'll sneeze! 

As irritating as pollen is, without it a flower cannot reproduce. Without reproduction new flowers would not grow and then we wouldn't have lovely gardens filled with flowers to take pictures of.

So, hang in there!
Carry your box of tissues,
Take your allergy medicine.
Wear a mask.
Do whatever it takes to enjoy spring!
It's worth it!


  1. Oh, the pollen this year is horrible, isn't it? Achoo!

  2. Yes, pollen is not so friendly to our family. And the winds - I'm beginning to believe I live in the little house on the prairie. I've lost count of how many wind advisories we've had, gusts upwards of 40 mph. You're right - not at all conducive to outdoor macro photography. But you seem to have caught these on a breath of calm. Lovely!

  3. Yep we have had it here in the desert for the last 2 months, I suffer and it isn't good that you can't be outside.

  4. Gorgeous images of spring, Cathy! My nose feels tickly just looking at all that pollen! I love that fluffy golden bee's head as he gathers pollen.

  5. Great pollen captures. We are a ways away from this yet!

  6. Yes it is. The blooms are everywhere.

  7. Cathy, even dusted with pollen, your flower macros are beautiful! No pollen here yet, but the daffs and forsythia are beginning to bloom. So exciting to see spring coming at last!

  8. What do you mean spring isn't the time to take pictures there....these are amazing and oh so beautiful! I loved seeing the sprinkling of the pollen and the bee all covered with it. So many gorgeous blooms to enjoy.

  9. Sometime, when our true spring finally arrives, the pine trees give off a yellow pollen that covers everything inside and out. It's a bonus that you have the lovely flowers, Cathy!

  10. your images, as always, are fantastic!! our pollen is coming, but not here yet!! all of these are gorgeous but the first one, wow, for me!!!!


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