Saturday, April 16, 2016

Art In My Mailbox


What is art?
According to Webster it’s your skill or craft.
Art can take many forms, painting, needlework, mixed media or photography.

Who decides what is art?
The artist, only the artist.

What do we do with our art?
For many of us we LIBERATE it.

How, you ask?
We participate in Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art postcard swap.

What is that?
We create a piece of art and take a picture of it; or the picture might be the art, as in my case. Then we turn our pictures into postcards, mail them to Kat, and she sorts them and mails them out across the world.

How much art is swapped?
This year there were:
1050 pieces of art liberated
175 artists participating
12 countries represented

Pretty cool! Huh?

This is the sixth postcard swap I’ve participated in. During this time each year, getting the mail is the highlight of my day! Below is the postcard I created. My art is photography which is how I express myself. Over the past year I’ve begun to seriously journal, to put down on paper my thoughts and my memories. I have three journals; my everyday life, my memories, and my Bible study. I said all that so you will know why the postcard I send means something special to me.

I received a wonderful set of postcards this year. You may notice some white streaks and ink marks, those were added by the post office. Machines aren’t particularly careful with art! As part of the fun, we're asked to "pose" our cards somewhere in their new home. That's always a fun part for me, finding something that will compliment them.

* * * * *

Postcard #1 is from Jacque who lies in Oregon. Jacque is a wonderful photographer who shares my passion for nature. Getting her art in the mail brightened my whole day. Jacque has a wonderful inspiring website  you need to visit. Thank you, Jacque!

* * * * *

Postcard #2 is from Lesa. She describes her work as encaustic piece, created with hot wax. It’s beautiful I would love to see the actual piece and see how it's created. Thank you, Lesa!

* * * * *

Postcard #3 is from Mary Ann who lives in Idaho. Mary Ann’s art is full of the beauty of nature. Looking closely I see a tree trunk, the sun, flowers, a fern, and the earth. Thank you, Mary Ann!

* * * * *

Postcard #4 is from Judy who lives in Montana. Judy created a digital mandala from one of her pictures. Her work fascinates me. Her website is a real treat to the eyes! Thank you, Judy!

* * * * *

Postcard #5 is from Rosie who lives in Germany. I’m always excited to get a postcard from another country. Rosie’s card is a wonderful multimedia piece reminding me of the importance to be creative. Visit Rosie at her blog and see what else she does. Thank you, Rosie!

* * * * *

Our 6th postcard is from Kat, the incredible founder of this art swap. She sent us one of her lovely creations called “Gatekeeper.” Kat creates the most stunning pieces of art with her camera or her IPhone. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kat, for all your hard work and many thanks to the volunteers that help her during the swap.

I strongly encourage you to visit Kat’s blog and see the video she put together of this year’s art. The talent within this groups is amazing. The art work is breathtaking. If you’re interested in participating next year, sign up for Kat’s newsletter. She’ll send all the information when it’s time next year for Liberate Your Art 2017.

Well, now it's back to normal and the mail is not much fun anymore!!


  1. What a beautiful collection of postcards received! The card that you created and sent out is exquisite! Interacting with this community of artists is so much fun :-)

  2. What a wonderful idea and such creative cards! I can see how you'd be waiting for the mail to arrive.

  3. I can see how much you enjoy the postcard swap, Cathy! I like the way you've put each of your received cards into an environment which suits the subject. I like your own particular card with the quills!

  4. Your postcards are so varied, but they all seem to involve nature. I love the way you photographed Kat's postcard. See you next year.

  5. Such a beautiful collection, Cathy! I'm so happy to see where one of my cards arrived - the only one so far!

  6. I love your really draws me in and the quote is perfect.
    You received some beautiful art as well. I love this swap and look forward to it every year.
    Glad you had fun

  7. Beautiful! Lovely work sent and received!
    Happy LYA 2016!

  8. WoW!!! what an amazing group of people. so many, from all over, how wonderful to put that together and to be a part of it!!! all of the art is beautiful and i especially loved yours!!!

    and postcards are great but often get damaged in transport. that's hard to see in such beautiful pieces!!!

  9. Looks like you got a nice selection from all over the world. I did this once but didn't try again. I am always amazed at the work this must be for her.

  10. You received a beautiful collection of art in the mail! But what I look forward to each year is seeing where you "pose" the cards. You have a knack for photographing them in a place that enhances the pleasure of viewing each one.

  11. this looks like a fun thing to do.
    each card is such a joy to see.
    thank you for your visit and your lovely message ~
    Lovely spring to you.

  12. Such a wonderful collection! Hope to see you next year. In the meantime, Happy creating to you!

  13. LOVE your card (the image and the quote) and nice staging of the received postcards!


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