Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What Does The Word Mean - Part III

Another group of words from the challenge to photography "the solace, nourishment and underlying meaning of everyday words" from David Wythe's book, Consolations.

* * * * *

In the depths of despair when we feel frozen and do not want to be found or to feel, there is still hope. Hope, that will thaw our despair and allow us to return to joy.

* * * * *

The roads I choose for my life are just that; my choices. I believe spiritual guidance is involved in my choices, but not a force the predestines my life.

* * * * *

"What do you do when disappointment comes
When it weighs on you like a rock.
You can either let it press you down
until you become discouraged, 
even devastated, 
or you can use it as a
stepping-stone to better things."
~ Joyce Meyer

* * * * *

Forgiveness is a choice. Choosing to forgive brings reconciliation and a fresh start. Forgiveness will help prevent further deterioration of relationships.

* * * * *

"A friend
knows our difficulties
and shadows
and remains in sight."
~ David Whyte

I'm still enjoying this study of words. I find myself going past the obvious meaning and searching for a more in depth definition. If you'd like to see how I've photographed others words look here and here. Pick a word today, let it mull around in your mind, and even if your not a photographer think about how you could illustrate it. Words are magic! 

"In words are seen the state of mind
and character and disposition
of the speaker."
~ Plutarch


  1. Your pictures made the words come alive. I loved the frozen - Despair and the road Destiny. This photo challenge is really neat.

  2. You've done an absolutely beautiful job with your words and photos. It's akin to telling stories with our photos.

  3. So interesting the way your pictures tell the story.

  4. cathy you are so talented at really getting to the heart of matter - in both your words and photos. so much inspiration is all around us and you always have such a good eye for finding it. xoxo

  5. Such beautiful photos to go with your interpretation of these words, Cathy. I love the heart-shaped shadows on the last tree-trunk. The frozen flower is also lovely.

  6. Cathy, you've chosen a perfect image to illustrate your thoughts on each word. I think "Destiny" might be my favorite. I agree with you about our choices determining our lives, and I love the way the light breaking through the clouds illuminates the dark road below...a little bit at a time, as we go along. And the heart-shadows in that last photo are very special! You have such a great eye for discovering those heart shapes wherever you go.

  7. Cathy, your photos perfectly convey the meaning of the words--I really enjoyed your post today!

  8. I love joining words and photography. Beautiful representations.

  9. You certainly have a gift of looking beyond the obvious meaning of words and representing them so beautifully..

  10. I really like your though process in matching your photos to the words. I think my favorite here today would be, Despair and Forgiveness but they were all well done.

  11. You are really good with the words fitting the photos. That flower in the ice, oh my love it.

  12. really, really gorgeous images, you have a great eye. the world is in such a dark place right now, and here, despair is my favorite. you did a wonderful job with this!!!

    have a great weekend!!!!!

  13. These words we often hear but do we really know their true meaning?
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  14. You do such a wonderful job of interpreting these words in a way that is meaningful to you. Your images illustrate your words so well -- I adore you image for despair. You made it hopeful. Thank you for sharing these and Happy Thanksgiving!


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