Friday, November 6, 2015

Is it too early to think about Christmas?

The question:  Is it too early to think about Christmas?
The answer:  YES, IT IS!
BUT, if you don't think about it now it will be gone!
At least the pretty Christmas decorations in the stores will be!
They'll be picked over and sold out!

That being said, a trip to The Painted Tree, a fairly new vintage market, was necessary. I'm not quite sure how to describe The Painted Tree. It's filled with vintage items, repurposed items, new items, and decorator items. All, I know is it's a fun place to spend a couple of hours or more.

I really fell in love with this nativity set and I really want it, but do I need it? No, not really since I don't really have the space to display it properly and it really cost too, much!  Did I use the word really too many times?  I wrote this with a whiny tone in case you can't tell!

The Painted Tree is a wonderful place to find weathered and worn items which I love. There's just something special about old doors and peeling paint that tugs at my heart.

There are always things that stir my memories too, like these vintage pot holders. It will really tell my age, but I loved making these as a child and later helping my daughter weave them on the little loom. As a matter of fact, if I dug in my craft closet deep enough, I would probably find a loom hidden away!

Like I said, there's a little bit of something for everyone. This piano fountain topped the list for unusual. I have mixed emotions about this fountain. It's pretty seeing the water splash over the keys and the sound of the water did seem musical, but being a very nostalgic person, it almost broke my heart. I had trouble getting over the fact that the water was totally ruining the old piano. Although I'm sure the piano was probably on the brink of ruin anyway. I could tell that parts of it had been damaged beyond repair. I suppose a fountain would be better than the dump.

That's it for me, I WON'T think of Christmas again until after Thanksgiving! (yeah right!)


  1. Yes, it's definitely too early to think of Christmas! It's the same here, things have been creeping into the shops since the end of October! I can see why you are attracted to the nativity set, but I feel like crocheting a coverlet for the Infant Jesus! He looks so cold! Swaddling clothes never were very snug, even in those days!
    I feel the same way as you about the piano - even if it was beyond repair.

    Can I come for Thanksgiving? We don't have it here!

  2. It's a funny thing about Christmas. I HATE seeing the commercial displays (complete with carols on an endless loop) go up in the stores even before Halloween. It makes me want to just run and hide until after New Year's Day. On the other hand, there are certain shops where I find it fun to look around, where I see little things that attract me (even though I don't buy them), and that actually make me start to look forward to the holidays. I can't figure myself out sometimes! :-)

  3. Well, I agree ... I hate seeing Christmas stuff in the big stores, but I did find myself loving the music overhead ... hmmm. I'm like you tho - I'd be all over the stuff in a store like this one. I adore that piano fountain, how unique!

  4. I am with's too early to think about Christmas when I am still knee deep in pumpkins and trying to keep my 'thankful attitude' until we celebrate Thanksgiving. One thing at a time, you know......You did find some lovely things to photograph in this unique store....I too made many of the pot holders as well as my daughter. I even bought one for my grand daughter. Some things are just ageless and each generation need to experience. Not sure about that piano fountain though. Growing up our piano was valued as very special and water rushing over it is just not in my thought pattern. I hope you are having a great weekend....

  5. This looks like a photographer's paradise - so many interesting arrangements and antiques. I, too, love the weathered and worn - a bit of wabi-sabi. Christmas isn't even on my radar yet!

  6. If you need Christmas things and you don't shop now, things are picked over!! We decorated the house inside today as the hubs had time to help me and I really need the help. I did think about it being too early but now that everything is in place, it will be nice to have the decorations out for a longer period of time. My boys will be home over thanksgiving, which is when I usually decorate, now I won't be worring about it.

    I know what you mean about the piano, but it sure is beautiful!!

  7. Ha! Yes, too early to be thinking about Christmas but I hate a last minute panic, so I'm really torn. And I'm a piano lover so definitely coming down on the side of heart broken. Lovely photos, though. Happy weekend. :)

  8. Yes, I just don't think it is gonna go away as long as money is involved. I also hate seeing blogs get into all this, much too early. Love the potholders so so very much.

  9. What a great place to take photos, Cathy! I well remember making the woven potholders on that little red metal "loom!" I thought I was being so creative :)

    I feel the same way about the piano, but I guess it is better than hauling it to a junkyard.

  10. When I worked retail, Christmas began in September. I love being in denial now until after Thanksgiving. I refuse to listen to Christmas until then either.

  11. Same as you, I have mixed feelings with the piano too. Initially of course I felt bad for the piano but like you said it must have been damaged beyond repair.

    The nativity is wonderful I would have taken it too if I had space at home :)

    As for me, it's not early to think about Christmas. As soon as "ber" months come, I think about it.

  12. Never too early. The longest Christmas is in the Philippines as we start September 1 and end on January 3. Yes, as early as the onset of "ber" month. :)

  13. It does seem that they get Christmas stuff in stores earlier and earlier. I went to JoAnn's the other day to pick up a Christmas item I'd seen there & it was gone already! - This place sounds and looks like it would be a place I'd enjoy visiting. I think I feel the same way you do about that piano fountain.


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